[Workshop Mode] Doomfist Multi-Level Parkour

BE1N4 - v1.0.4

Doomfist Multi-level Parkour
Use your doomfist mobility to traverse to the green rings without touching the ground. At the first checkpoint, you can pick between 2 different levels/routes. Replay the levels to compete for better times!

Available Maps

  • Hanamura - lv1 (+15 checkpoints), lv2 (+25 checkpoints)


  • Restart run - Ult+Interact [default: Q+F]
  • Previous checkpoint - Interact+Crouch [default: F+Ctrl]. Will void runs if going back to previous level.
  • Skip checkpoint - Interact+Jump [default: F+Space]. Will void runs.
  • Toggle free mode - UltComm+Ult+Crouch [default: Z+Q+Ctrl]

Credits to Blackbird for the base doomfist parkour game mode design and the level 1 checkpoints.


I love this idea. Couple things I’d like to note:

  1. If you finish the course and use the Ult+Crouch command it will no longer check to make sure you can only stand within the given checkpoint’s circle (you can walk anywhere).
  2. If you finish lvl 2 you’re allowed to change heroes, but if you go back in the course afterward using the Ult+Crouch command (to show someone how to do a lvl) you can no longer change heroes unless you beat lvl 2 again.
  3. If you’re walking around with another hero, other than doomfist, and walk into the first checkpoint circle, you instantly get transformed back into doomfist as if you are just starting the course over (I learned this the hard way).

Everything else is great! Please keep making great maps!

  • Added level world text
  • Skipping back from a completed run voids runs
  • Fixed slow respawn on 2nd checkpoint
  • Disabled some non-doom abilities
  • Enable all doom abilities when toggling on free mode
  • First level 2 flag icon is yellow
  • Leaderboard sorts from level 2 times to level 1 times
  • Skipping back from or forward to goal will toggle off free mode.
  • Restarting a run when not as Doom temporarily forces Doom. You can swap back to another hero after skipping a run or toggle to free mode.