Workshop issue on PS4

I have a really annoying problem when I use workshop. I have been working on a gamemode for a week, I have at least 120 rules (It is my first time using global variable, array and all those things, maybe I could have done that in less than 100 rules).
Now the problem is… I can’t open my workshop editor anymore ! When I try to edit rules it freezes for about 20 sec then it disconnects me from the servers. It’s really annoying because my gamemode is almost finished and I can’t touch it anymore. Did anyone have the same problem ? Is there a solution ?

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Yes. I have had the same problem before.

Usually this occurs because the rules created have a variable script that is repeating too quickly - and is either failing ; or is producing a result that is too difficult for the script to consistently track. I’d offer to open a copy of the workshop mode to a prior version (if you have multiple saves), and compare the old code to what might be in the new code to see what could be causing the issue.

You can then export the current code using a pc version of OW - and then edit the workshop rules using a text file. This will let you do so without having to rely on the OW servers which might have a hard time dealing with the faulty code.

Or - try restarting the game, letting the game load between each screen as you open it. Loading the workshop mode (without starting the game), letting it sit for a minute or two on the base settings menu because the console might take a bit more time to load all of the information - even if it looks like it’s loaded into the workshop mode, and then trying to ease into the rules menu where you can try to edit it from there. During one of my more complicated workshop modes - I once had to let the console sit on the base settings menu for about 10 minutes before I could open it into the rules menu. Got really annoying because the game kept crashing and kicking me out to the base OW menu. Just had to restart the console - let it load slowly and take my time to get it to work right.

So yeah - definitely recommend the PC version of OW if you’re editing workshop codes. There’s just more features and freedom for editing and it makes things a lot easier.

If only I had a PC :’(
But yea I’ll try to wait at least 10 min before going in the workshop editor and see if it works. When I start the gamemode it is perfeclty working but the gamemode is not finished so it’s useless (it’s so frustrating I just need like 30 minutes in the editor to finish it).
I’ll try this tonight and if it doesn’t work I’ll give up and keep it in mind for a future creation