Workshop forum related, not code related

I swear I browse through these workshop threads all the time, typically for the smaller stuff since it’s a smallish forum, and mostly so that I don’t clog up the Discord with any Google-able questions.

I don’t think I’ve contributed here but maybe once or twice (I don’t have a lot to give, trust me) but I’ve surely been through 90% of the workshop threads, and I’m FINALLY making a post, after years of lurking.
Like more than half of the threads I read here are filled with replies that are wonderfully formatted, patiently broken down, and show true concerted effort towards solving issues… for no real reason besides just being a nice human, taking the time (and it really does take a lot of time sometimes) to help other random, faceless, strangers calling out into the blizzard forum void for help with creating flame throwing meis and infinite cooldown modes that take place entirely within one spawn room…and also the occasional vent about no custom colors for effects, collision and damage not being scriptable with custom walls and effects or hero barriers, etc.

Anywayyyy, probably no one’s gonna read this. But I just wanted to say that of all the amazing replies and ingenious workshop codes I’ve seen, I’m grateful for OW WS having been (and still being for now) a super annoying, awesome, unique thing that we get to lose sleep over, gripe about, explore, hack, create s4!$post equivalent modes “just bc we can,” and harass blizzard constantly to improve even while they take 6 years to make a sequel … together :clown_face:

But oh yeah the real first reason I started this post was to say that like 70% of the threads I come across, old and new, most having great replies, have ZERO appreciation or thanks from the OP or even just an update to say something did or didn’t work, for when it gets archived. If you’re gonna plead desperately into the void for all these kind af 500 IQ hotties to help you step by step with your game, all while they maintain better formatting, grammar, and attentiveness than you’d get from the top Applecare IT guy that youd only manage to reach by making Karen-threats up the chain of hierarchy for over 3 hours… y’all BETTER be willing to say thanks. :triumph: :point_right:t3::point_left:t3:


Thanks for these kind words, very appreciating!


Thank you for believing in us more than IT :heart:


Well done, I appreciate your post :slight_smile: And yea, I have to agree, this community is real great mostly.

It is indeed much more fun answering workshop questions if the op replies with kind words.