Workshop creator mode is literally nothing?


Workshop creator mode is LITERALLY NOTHING? No new features, just small workshop fixes, no new actions/conditions for interacting with TS Robot & Push mode. Congratulations blizzard

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When a creator mode is your highlight, you know the things are bad.
Bottom of the barrel as they say.

They … literally didn’t even explain what it is though?
The Workshop category at the bottom is just a list of (very long awaited FYI) bug fixes for the editor.

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Worshop updates are “meh” to begin with. Even if they did something else, not many would care. Its a stall season for S6, where they test things to push out OW from Early Access to a “real game”.

bruh the update is later on, we just had some bug fixes which were SO god damn annoying so thank god they were fixed

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Overwatch 2 clear demonstrate how to DON’T make a game sequel.

The creator mode is the Demon Reinhardt one.

And? Nobody care for blizzard partners creating modes. We need a decents tools in workshop and a QOL updates on workshop. These “supposed” creators (that IMO don’t even used workshop before) know the lack of features workshop ha such:

  • Placing objects;

  • Modify complex code becomes painful;

  • Lack of pathfinding interactions (navmesh, get array of vectors to follow from point A to B using navmesh data);

  • Lack of local variables inside rules & subroutines (for temporary data, raycasts, For loop indexes instead of allocating a individual global varariable or using work-around that make code unoptimized);

  • Lack of placing complex entities and objects, eg. symmetra turret/teleport, torb turret, ashe’s bob, mei ult pet, etc and interacting with them (eg: set bob/torb turret facing, set firing or not. In sym teleport set if is firing laser or set target which turret is burning, allow detect all of this in actions/conditions. eg: Attacker == Global.placedTurretEntity)

  • Lack of multidimentional array support (we can ONLY create a statically array, but we cannot change its by index, eg: Array(Array(1, 2), Array(3, 4)) will produce Array[2][2] with 2 rows and 2 columns, but we cannot set Array[1][0] = -1, will produce invalid syntax error in worskhop, and copying entire array for modify a single value will make server crash);

  • Lack of datatype definitions (allow us define and store structs inside variables and arrays);

  • Lack to set invisiblity to specific players.

  • Lack on rules grouping;

  • Lack of foreach syntax support:

For Each(Global.arrayOfPlayers);
  Play Effect (...,  Loop Body);
  Log To Inspector(Loop Index);

// use `Continue;` to indicate early continuation of foreach statement or `Break;` to stop execution of foreach statement such as While statement.

Loop Index and Loop Body values for current state of for-each iteration.

So the creator mode is not “literally nothing” it’s just not what you were expecting :woozy_face:

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Technically no, creator mode means a new way for creators to publish code or update the workshop lobby, for rotating weekly/monthly modes. and not just modes that were created for supposed workshop creators partnered with blizzard

Creator mode means whatever Blizzard wants it to mean :joy:

Well… Worse, that’s true, unfortunately :joy:

They didn’t say “creator mode”, they said “creator-made workshop game mode”

It’s not their fault you didn’t read it properly and then set your own (wrong) expectations based on your misreading.

The fact the multi-billion dollar dimwitts are than talentless they have to rely on community created content for seasonal content is just ASTOUNDING to me.

Go on, do better if it’s so easy.

I eagerly await Thatoneguy#2323’s Overwatch-killer.

People already have done better wtf are you talking about you absolute boot licker??? This is a perfect example of the community doing better than the morons at blizzard because they’re using community content rather than their own.

Maybe pull your nose out of Aarons backside and you’d see the bigger picture, christ you’re dense.

Read again:


This clear indicade that an new feature was coming to workshop. And we will not receive ANYTHING new.

Specially because Season 6 was about to release PVE content, so i expected that finally they was bring feature to at least query navmesh on Workshop

You realise people have been asking for this for literal years right? Ever since they added the workshop?

Shocking Blizzard removed a feature only to reintroduce it later for praise.

People like you are quite literally the reason why Blizzard releases a below industry standard battle pass and jacked up skin prices and get’s away with it every time. Much like the person you seem to idolise you don’t have a spine to hold them accountable.

Fair enough, they did use that wording.

It doesn’t “clearly” indicate anything though - it’s three words. It’s ambiguous. The Workshop as it stands today is already a “creator mode”. That phrasing means practically nothing on its own.

You interpreted it one very specific way and took it as a promise. Next time, wait for details.