Window of Opportunity - Need help

Hey, everyone.
I’m just missing 5 achievements in the entire game, 3 of which I can get quite easily on my own. I’m looking for a group of people who wants to help me with Baptiste’s cute spray achivement, “Window of Opportunity”. This is widely considered to be the most difficult achivement in the game (even worse than Cratered, and I have that), so it requires a lot of teamwork and communication.
Before I continue, I want to emphasise that I play on EU.
I need to get 4-6 matrixes going without dying through a full game. This only works on payload maps, so we have to keep playing until we get one of those. Preferably King’s Row or Dorado.
The strategy is to have Bastion, 2-3 tanks, another healer and maybe Soldier 76. Sometimes we use the matrix for healing, sometimes for damage. I’m pretty good at Baptiste and I’ve already done several games with 0 deaths, so I know that’s possible. I just need the damage and support from a full team.
You’ll be doing this out of the kindness of your heart, but once I get the achivement I’ll be more than happy to help you out with any achivement you want. I have them all, more or less, so I know what it takes. I have strategies for everything.

Drop your battletag if you’re interested, I’ll be very appreciative.

I’d be more than happy to help with this! To add ive got a few strategies of my own! for example: Grav + amp matrix + pulse bomb. I myself am missing both baptiste’s achivments and zens rapid discord for a full collection!

My Bnet ID is luckye#21746

oh just so you know Im usually invisible on bnet so it would be nice if you’d type first ^^

Hi hi! I’ve recently switched from PS4 to PC and I’d like to play with people more and I’m more than willing to help if that’s okie! I’m a mercy main and mostly play support.
My battle tag is Ħirăeŧh#2502 :))

I can help you too, I’ll play D.Va for you!