Willing to bet $200 the devs don't touch Mei again for 6+ months

We need to stop caring if lowbies can’t handle it. Crap like that has kept the defence category in the dumpster

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They sell OW like an accessible ,and for some people casual, shooter, which we all know, it isn’t.

Once they do that you can’t expect them to treat the game anything different after the release.

Why? It’s definitely not a real shooter. I’ve seen them, they are on steam. Overwatch is the Smash Bros of shooters

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Bumping this thread with all the talk of needing mobility counters abound on the forums.

Mei could be a mobility counter if they put more than 2 seconds work into her, but the devs would rather just tell us they think she is one even though she is hard-countered by any hero with any decent mobility.

Oh, and also just chiming in to say that the introduction of Brigitte will do nothing appreciable to Mei’s current situation. She will still stuck, she will still be the only situational hero that doesn’t actually have a situation, she will still never get picked, and her average stats will still be crap.

I play her a little above dabbling level, I wish her “niche” was a bit wider than maps with blatant chokepoints. I could be missing something.

It seems you lost the bet:


Looks like I’ll soon be $200 down, but some Mei buffs up. Good trade I’d say.

But I will wait to confirm they are actually buffs and not just bug fixes.


I hope THiCCness get’s a buff she is so fun to play.

Mei is not F-tier. She’s been used quite well on Contenders.

Lol. If youre incentive is to actually bribe them $200 into doing something to Mei in your terms within the next 6 months; you’re gonna have to come up something better than $200. That’s what they make in a couple of hours

Looks like somebody can’t read a post, or keep up with the forums.

Well, pay 200 neneros to Geoff


She has the 4th lowest pickrate in contenders, less than an hour total playtime across both NA and EU contenders, and is only played on 3 maps.

Also, she hasn’t proven to be more effective than other picks on either of those 3 maps, and her stats are not great, with really poor kill-death ratios.

So yeah, she is F-Tier.

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Oh snap

OP was not expecting this


I’m hopeful they will in maybe about a month an a half.

People complained so hard about hack she gets less than a month of being out of the trash tier. You think people are going to enjoy getting frozen?

The bet should have been ’ I bet they make indicental changes to characters who would have the most effect against tracer and genji, and if they make any larger changes they almost immediately get reverted’.

Stay Positive
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I’ve always dislike regressing mindsets like this.

You want an already slow hero creation process to go slower, just because there are things you don’t like balance-wise? Not to mention, they’ve fixed a LOT of Doomfist bugs. What’s with the denial in this forum about that?

They ARE addressing bugs and balance; don’t mess with new heroes just because you want to throw a tantrum.

get ready to loose $200 lul