Will there be another chance to get Contender Skins, that have already pasted?

Hey I’m not sure if contender skins will ever return the reason I asked I failed to get Bastion and Reinhart my 2 favorite characters in the game. I honesty had no clue contenders was back last month usually there were advertisements for it on the launcher. another reason I ask there’s a lot of people who still haven’t got the contenders skin even after watching the required hours?


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Guess no one knows, I’d hope they bring it back. honestly I’m just bummed cause I had no clue contenders was back and I never failed to earn the other months rewards.
wish they put an announcement on the launcher like they do for the other moths they always had it saying “Contenders is live” that’s how I knew and I don’t check forums often for people saying it was on the forums.

I got the Bastion skin, but not the Reinhardt, which I think was glitchy, because a lot of people didn’t get his skin. Blizzard should make another catch-up month for another chance at Reinhardt like they did for Mercy and Symmetra last year.

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I completely agree, it help me out, do you know where I can find the schedule for this month cause I’m definitely not missing that Brig skin.

It looks like it goes to the OWL homepage, but it is the contender’s schedule.

Right now I am currently investigating issues with a large number of players failing to earn the Reinhardt skin from watching the European and North American matches earlier this week. I am hoping because of the issues, there will be a second chance for the Bastion and Reinhardt skins some time later (just like they did for Symmetra and Mercy in October) , but that is my own speculation and there is no official news at this time.

Continue to follow this thread for updates:

where can i find out more about this stuff? i only have the genji one and i want more but the contenders schedule on the website was impossible to read last year so i gave up. also where to actually watch was super confusing

I have a thread which is pinned at the top of the general discussion forum.