Will there be a response to Mercy soon?

I remember he saying that the changes were successful a couple of times and somewhere outside the dev updates he said the balance was good or something.

I look at the reaction to valk both on the forums and outside and well… I supposed it’s good to know Bliz lives in their own little world where what the players actually think and what bliz thinks about how something went are 2 totally different things for the most part.


well at least they explain and give data about it, rather than here, just giving “feelings” like “we feel X is fine, we feel Y is too oppressive, and so on.”

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To OP:

I respectfully disagree with your second sentence.

Some of the forum members are unhappy with the current state of Mercy, but many others, like myself, are happy with her as she is.


Mass rez never dies !

That’s fair! I should’ve worded it a bit better.

We havent gotten an answer adressing our concerns for over a year. Megathreads and tons of discussions and suggestions later it is still the same. Even after some of us collectively presenting an idea they still dont care. If you havent seen it yet here is our lengthy proposal for another rework.

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Blizzard does listen to the community but only what they want to listen to. I’m pretty sure once a post mentions mass rez in any context they exit the page. That’s just me though.

I’d extend that to “anything that makes them look bad or that they disagree with or isn’t praising them in some way”.

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To be honest, what’s the difference lol

As a main tank player i think she’s balanxed

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They said on stream they think shes fine, which is a load of ballocks imo


You had one two weeks ago.

You can’t keep asking for a response because you didn’t like the one you just had.

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Literally have a feeling OP is just a smurf of one of the already existing Mercy mains on this forum.

No amount of threads is going to change anything. Just take balanced Mercy for what she is or leave her. No one is forcing you to keep maining her. You guys had your fun when she was unbelievably busted, now let her be balanced or go away.


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Sorry I wasn’t aware of a response, I genuinely didn’t know.

Lol fair enough, I guess they are pretty much the same.

We didn’t actually. Most of us never wanted Valk and have hated it in ALL states it’s been in.


I think it’ll be a few weeks.

Her pick rate is up 10% so far and you’ve had a few comments loving her current state.

They’ve stated that they felt she’d do well with Ashe and Ashe isn’t in competitive play yet.

With that being said, hero pick rate bumps don’t necessarily stick.

Sym now has a lower pick rate in both QP and Comp than before her rework.

Torb is generally dropping and if the current PTR change doesn’t help him he’ll be at the same level or lower within another month or two.

Bastion and symm just got buffed. I think once ptr changes go through the game will be in a good balanced state and blizz should start working on guilds next. What do you mean brig is on the plate? Is this your plate? Are you going to eat her? I’d be careful might make you sick.

Should take you straight to 44:30 in the vod, but if not, go to 44:30. Latest mention of Mercy. This was at Blizzcon either November 2nd or 3rd.

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This isn’t a valid reason to change Mercy. She is perfectly fine now.

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