Will there be a leaderboard in OW2?

To my perspective I prefer if we had a leaderboard that shows up at end game of all players, kills, dmg, block, heals & deaths like in OW’s beta gameplay videos. I mean there are cards but they are corrupted if you have like 4 golds but you get the objective time card instead. At least prove to people that you did do good. “Hey see I didn’t do bad as I only died once and healed 5k more than the enemy Moira.”

Inb4 “It will cause too much toxicity”. Almost every shooting game has a leaderboard. Toxicity either way but at least show some receipts to prove them wrong instead of the “I have gold this and gold that”.

You don’t want a leaderboard, believe me

If there isn’t a leaderboard in OW1, there won’t be for 2.

The minute that goes in is the next minute even more people will make their profiles private.

Oh, and lots and lots and lots of toxicity.

This is what Jeff said about it back in 2020, so… maybe.