Hero pools is a brave and holistic change

I don’t think hero pools will achieve your goal and will just create another ban meta as a single, random ban for tanks will ultimately lead to Dive being the only consistently reliable composition since it is the only tank composition with a redundant character compared to deathball or bunker.

The game was not designed with bans in mind nor were the rosters made with enough depth in order to support the idea. If you had implemented hero pools with OW2, and presumably more tanks and supports, it might have been better received. But as the game is, I think it is both premature and just another feature that we didn’t ask for that is indcative of the devs trying to do more by actually doing less - ultimately a lazy approach that only reduces player agency in the end.

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The only thing I wish Blizzard did to the profile is an ability to hide your own rank.

I don’t want to see it, because sometimes it gets on my nerves. I just want to focus on the game, not playing for the numbers. Could that possibly happen?


Well there be a warning for the banned heroes before you join a competitive game? I feel like it would be a bad situation if a Mercy player comes from QP into competitive, only to find that Mercy can’t be played, and is basically ‘dead weight’ as a support player.


Well, there’s another issue with this. If you change it too often, things will be chaotic as people will be confused as to what the meta would be for a certain week (or a day or 3 days).

What about maybe a seasonal rotation?
This way people can get used to certain ways to play and even used to certain heroes without having the issue of having a stale 5 month meta.

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no [i have to type twenty characters even though i work here]


regardless of if we do a different scoreboard for OW2, we definitely want to do more with stats and provide more statistics to players


You mean “if the community does not feel it is a positive change during season 21 we will claim it is a massive success and keep it forever to make sure we have not wasted our development efforts”?


we talked about a season rotation but taking a hero out of play for 2 months makes us a bit nervous. never say never but it’s not our first instinct…


Except it’s not fun or exciting to have even less options to choose from in the support and tank roles which already have very few heroes compared to dps

It will not be a good system unless dps is the only one that can be banned


You may create a card so users can create the hero poll, that could be great at least to try!

Could it be something like Overbuff does? Overbuff is slightly inaccurate due to hidden profiles and it would be nice to have main stats like that for the entire player base.


you can limit heroes in Custom Game. give it try!


Yeah mostly because 1 dps (not gonna name, names, but there are several) can walk all over us and all we can do is hope our team helps a lot of the time, we have either spent years asking for help and getting lip back, spending more time CC’ed than participating in engagements, getting nerfed for outside reasons but not having those outside reason brought with us, …

Jezus I could go on, but out of everything we have dealt with (sometimes not so nicely) losing 1 tank is the least of my concerns, and the least of the groups I play with concerns, the only tanks this might effect are 1 tricks and to be honest, there isn’t very many of them.

If blizzard doesn’t target the “perceived” problems in some way with the function, like if the 2 dps that are banned at first are torb and sym, I am pretty sure everyone of every opinion will burn these forums to the ground.

Really, with not just giving each team 1 ban each so we could fix our own problems, their options are, go with the stats, go with a roles problems, or go with a ranks problems.

They have their work cut out for themselves.

Thanks for the communication, hope those features are gonna be good and can’t wait to see the new workshop additions.


Hi Jeff, this is my feedback:
When Mercy is banned, I will not complain. I will just play Hearts of Iron 4 for a week.

I have 1000+ hours on Mercy and 55 on Lucio, my second most played support. And I’m already two levels below my Mercy rank with the other roles I play (mostly as Dva and Sombra). So you can see that I’m serious. All I’d be doing by playing another support is lose SR without any fun at all.


Fair enough, how about have a monthly rotation with a week long grace period for people to change their play style to fit the next rotation?
That way things aren’t so chaotic

Another concern I have though is counterplay. What if Pharah is banned but not Mei?

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Or you could do what I do, and not care what tank I play. I’m good at like 4-5 of them. So I just roll with it


I just realized this becomes competitive limited duel but also with role queue

workshop creators will really love some of the changes Zach and Dan made to the feature. they listened to their feedback very closely and all of it is in response to what creators wanted. really proud of them for their work!


Imagine spending one whole season or even a month without been able to play your favourite hero, terrible idea