Will the new top500 SMS affect this season and/or deathmatch?


Cause I just grinded a load of Deathmatch and got 3608 and am currently top 130 EU. I don’t want to end up being screwed out of the rewards because I don’t have SMS auth.

(Jeff Kaplan) #2

The SMS changes will not affect any seasons currently taking place.

I have 50+ Games but my top 500 isnt showing

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Thanks for the heads up on this Jeff!

Could you also give us a set date on when Comp DM FFA will end? Nothing in game is explaining this to us so we can only speculate that on Monday it will end with the anniversary event? Is this correct?

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it ends with the anniversary event


Thanks very much for giving us the info!

And I’m sure civilpain is ecstatic right now too.


Thank you so much! I’ll never forget this moment! :heart:


How exactly do you activate the sms protection?

[Edit] Nvm, I found it. I couldn’t find it on the first page of google when typing “Blizzard sms protection” but I could when typing “Blizzard sms protect”. Strange.


The top 500 SMS protect thing is a good idea but I kinda wish there could be something implemented to help combat some of the de-ranked or de-ranking smurfs playing in a rank that they clearly don’t belong in. Maybe endorsements will help combat this to some degree, or maybe there will be something introduced later on to help combat this problem. Granted it’s not often but it’s still frustrating when it does happen :stuck_out_tongue:.


Is there exact time on minutes for event end? Events tend to end randomly and it feels really bad for those who have to play for t500 decay or are trying to get skins via boxes until last minute buying them with coins.

Thank you.


Thanks for the info =)


So Mr. Jeff can you say something about Sombra please, like do you plan to do anything for her


Are there plans for another season of competitive FFA? I noticed that the spray has a 1 in it, implying that there may be another season in the future?


It’s also not animated for top 500



Yeah, are you planning to animate the top500 Deathmatch spray? It’s currently just a static image like normal sprays.


You don’t decay in comp DM. Or atleast I don’t think.
Edit: Yes, confirmed it.


Is there a specific reason you guys are ignoring all of Sombras bugs?


You do decay t500 after 1 week.


I went to the tier legend for Comp DM and it does not say anything about decay.