Will OW2 fix queue times?

I kind of don’t think so because FLANKING and SNIPING is the most fun playstyle in this game, or whatever in between using a mix of MOBILITY and RANGE.

Not only that, but also having DAMAGE SPIKES on your output through shots, abilities or combos contributes to the “offensive fun”.

And yet it feels like DPS will still have the best mix of those characteristics in OW2, still the most fun role (since resistance is going down through 2nd tank removal), still the highest queue time…

I’m betting no. Lot of tanks are going to drop out and support will be the new bottleneck. I would guess times get quicker at first, then start dropping off to what they are now. DPS will always have the highest queue times no matter what.

Maybe the rebalances are amazing and everybody is happy, but…I don’t see it.


I agree queue times will be okay at first cause everybody will be testing “what’s new”, but later damage will still get the longest wait.

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yea but you will only have to wait on one tank for your team and thats the choke point for dps queue time

So that’s gonna be like reducing 15 min queues into 7 or 8 min queue then?

I still have yet to see confirmation on how they will be dealing with foreseeable issues regarding flanking and sniping.

They won’t Sylhiri, they won’t.

And if all tanks are moving towards Hog’s direction in OW2, I believe that it will go like:
1- Avoid the tank’s range.
2- Avoid the sniper’s LoS.
3- Deal with flankers.
That’s probably gonna be it all the time if you are not playing/doing one of those.

I mean if they make a good game then more ppl will play and your queue times will go down. Your queue times are long now mainly because the game sucks and the only ppl left are the hardcore fans so there are a lot less ppl playing nowadays and then couple that with tanks being complete dookie to play.

One less tank will help….fix??? That depends on how the community approaches the game

Need to understand that the reason we have a bottleneck now is because the game requires 222 and the community doesn’t break down that way

122 is a friendlier ratio but if people still don’t break down that way in a 5v5 world than it won’t do much

But I do believe it will be better

Oh, good then. The mass amount of problems might humble them.

It’s all really depends on how good will it be. If not than bad things to come

Will OW2 fix q times - YES
Will OW2 come out - not sure

Please don’t assume that everyone shares your preferences.

Flanking and sniping may be your favorite way to play Overwatch, but that doesn’t mean it’s everyone’s favorite way to play the game.


That’s probably the majority preference on how to play the game.

Of course there’s a minority that enjoys other styles, but the real question would be “how much this minority will influence queue times if we cater to them?”

Fun fact: in Overwatch’s opening year, Jeff Kaplain himself commented on who the most-played non-dps hero was.

Guess who it was.

Have you made your guess? Here's the answer:

It was Mercy.

The hero who spends all of her time helping her teammates, who normally doesn’t even fight the enemy team… was THE most popular hero outside of the dps category, by a margin so wide that it eclipsed the playtime of every other non-dps picks put together.

Players who like defensive playstyles aren’t that rare.


For a while, certainly.

My prediction is support gets the tank treatment in OW2. No one wants to play it, and instead of adding new unique support characters, they’ll announce OW3 which will be 2 DPS 1 Healer 1 tank per side.