Will Mercy ever be reverted?

No, they WISH the answer was yes.

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That’s utterly false. I played solo queue all the time. Non a single hiding and rezzing Mercy, not in my team, not in the enemy’s, not me, not anyone.

I know Mercy was troll pick for 2 entire seasons (2 and 3) exactly as she is being right now because she has no utility at all out of her rez (as it happened during those seasons) while Ana has the most utility in the whole support pool. Yeah, nerfing mass rez wouldn’t make her better, but in order to avoid that situation, you just bring something as compensation.

What Mercy hadn’t when she had mass rez? Right, an E ability. That was the main reason of why she was so unbalanced through ranks, and even having that great design issue, she was somehow balanced overall after some buffs. So the solution is so easy as bringing her a new E ability (mid game utility!) and tweaking her real ult to kill the hide and rez problem (lesser one indeed, but okay, let’s fix it).

Not exactly but okay, let’s ignore that her SR system has been changed and Hammond could counter that strategy. I think it should be changed a bit anyway.

Tbh I had no problem without the i-frames. However, you could not remove it but replacing it by damage reduction or some type of armour, so the enemy would have it harder to kill your rezzed targets.

Nope. Original mass rez had cast time indeed, but I must remind you that such cast time was accompanied with stationary mode. Being locked in the floor (as she is right now) made her rez horrible to play because she couldn’t rez in the open, she was forced to hide or die during her cast time. Having a little cast time (not as big as current’s) would allow some counterplay without being excessive. Lucio’s sound barried has an animation that last some time, it’s not an immediate effect, so people can stop him before using it, but there are not real problems with that matter.

In this case, LoS would stop that problem that somepeople pointed out that was rezzing through walls. It would be a significant nerf to that strategy because now you wouldn’t be able to hide in a room, and wait for the x5 rez, so there would be less exploit. Yeah, more things should be done, but it’s a reasonable meassure if you get sure it won’t have LoS bugs as current rez has.

This one I agree, but for other reasons. How you decide who is gonna be rezzed in case you have some characters at the same distance? You could use rng, but that would be bad design. That’s one of the reasons of why current rez is so bad design too. There are many funny videos of people being graved and killed and Mercy going for a rezz just for a roulette game starting. Imagine the situation. You want to rez Rein, but he died in the same pixel as Widow and Reaper. Finally, you rez Widow. That’s a bad mechanic for this game.

I could say a lot of reasons of why having only one single rez as Mercy’s ult would be horrible. Apart of being incredibly underpowered, just watch at the previous argument. Relying on rng in certain situations for a mechanic to work is not good design.

Yes, she was. Blizz tried nothing. They have tried everything with valk, and nothing has, is and will work. Current Mercy is unbalanceable. She only needed an E ability (a feature that you are forgetting, but is vital for any change to mass rez) and then, a few changes for killing her hide and rez exploit.

The reasons of why she was “reworked” were just a bunch of people crying a river and the OWL. In the end, it’s clear her revert has failed miserably like nothing has failed before in this game. She never needed this, she needed to go forward, and that never implied her ultimate being turned back into valk and her rez being turned once more into a death sentence unless hiding. Blizz should never have repeated these mistakes from the past.

Only a bunch of Mercys hiding” Seagull, the pro player, and hide and rez stereotype’s creator talking about it and how he liked more Mercy before her cancerous revert.

Not a matter of her kit, but a matter of her broken SR system” Taimu, the pro player and another creator of the hide and rez stereotype.

Nope, hide and rez was only an exploit from a bunch of Mercys, not even a half of them. It’s nice to know that you were an exploiter, so you were part of the problem, but I never had the need to hide, the same as a huge amount of Mercy players, from bronze to t500s (and I know this because we have a private channel).

Removing mass rez and bringing all the mistakes from Mercy’s past is the worst thing has ever happened to this game, and this entire year of cancer metas, uncounterable combos, toxicity, complains everywhere from everybody, discontent and ignored characters (when Blizz could have attended other heroes that need it more than Mercy, who had only a stupid and lesser problem called “5-6 people hiding for SR boosting”), and a lot of more things is a huge back up.

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Whelp the OP Is new around these forums. As they’ve discovered any mention of Aria is going to get a swarm and start a flame war

Sadly we’ll never see mass rez again, though Valk in it’s current form can’t stay.

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Sure i do believe that giving her an e and changing her mass res a bit would be the better way to go back than. While i do understand, that you sometimes have an idea, think that it’s great and so you pursue it. However in those situations you also need to know when something failed. If you look at the problems they had with this rework, than you will realize, that the signs were there since the very beginning. They will just never ever admit something like that.

Yeah sooner or later they will change her i believe, but with words like these: “We tried to make res balanced, but it just took too many sacrifices for Mercy and because of that we are removing it…” In short they will never try to make it an ult again, they will just remove it and say it can’t be balanced really…or made fun etc.

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Plot Twist: They revert it back to the chain beams, making it a reskinned first person Transcendence.

Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State has all the proof you need.


I wouldn’t bet too much for this. Valk is a design from the past, same as stationary rez and 50 hp/s healing. Those three have been reverted. I can imagine mass rez eventually coming back in a different form (yeah, as it was, it won’t happen).

I doubt they will do that considering that they stated that it will always be part of her kit. Removing it would make too much of her kit out of place while making her just a generic and dun support with no utility at all, since valk does nothing and will never work.

Blizz is in a dead end with this current design. They have desperatedly tried everything, but it’s pointless. Nothing will work neither unless they entirely change her design. Rez is what makes Mercy so unique. Valk is nothing. Both are currently huge problems. Valk never worked in the past, whereas rez stayed for two years with almost no changes.

Anyway, according to a Sty’s video (I don’t like that guy, but whatever) bad results can unleash internal changes in a company, and it seems this could be happening or going to happen. Mercy’s revert has harmed a lot OW.

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They made a fix for that but it didn’t stop people from using hide and Rez from climbing.

Given the fact that the reward for Rez wasn’t reduced until after the rework… I kinda get why.
All they changed before that, was dropping the PBSR from Diamond+

And that knowledge makes me question whether PBSR was even truly removed from the game for those higher ranks.

The “rework” was so rushed that they had no time to check any results of any SR change in case they already did.

Anyway, what in hell were the devs thinking when they unleashed such a monster to the game like original valk was? Yeah, they made great publicity of it, then reality came. It was a failure and shouldn’t have passed the PTR at all. Of course, this would’ve been different if the PTR was a PTR and not an introductory realm for any incoming change, even if it’s the craziest nonsense you’d ever seen.

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No, they made an actual fix before the rework but it didn’t discourage people from using Hide and Rez.

Valk and the old ult aren’t the same. The old ult was just chain beams, making it a reskinned, first person Transendence.

Really? Because I didn’t notice anything. “Hide and Rez” wasn’t at all common in my bracket, and I did not have any less SR gains afterwards. I think it was all a placebo.

You do realize that it was a thing it most defenitly did happen and they have honestly no way of proving the statement “only bad mercys hid and res” is completely irrelevent statement it happened egough for blizzard to have to do something about it

and the whole if mass rez was to hypothetically to come back in individual performance is still and thing in lower ranks therefor those bad mercy players could easily get boosted up to high palt to low diamond.

And as blizzard stated “We tried to make res balanced, but it just took too many sacrifices for Mercy and because of that we are removing it…”

I’d love for her to fun and balanced but I don’t beleive going back is correct thing to do as it you would have to change so much so i’d rather a rework or

hell even just slight buffs if they’re in the right places but going back from blizzards perpective i don’t think it’s even a option form them.

Wrong jeff said if they have to they will remove res, but they would rather not if possible.

How do you know? Just like there’s no proof “only bad mercys hid and res”, there’s no proof it was widespread, only hearsay.

And how is that different from literally any other hero getting boosted through various means?

Where did they state that, because, from where I’m standing, it’s patently false.
If it weren’t, Blizzard could’ve easily put out a list with things they tried (as frequently requested).

which’d mean

And failing a rework, the easiest fix to her current unviable state, is to revert the nerf to 50 HP/s.

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Seemingly too long. Well, that and what a streamer says too is law.

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i would be fine with mass rez aslong as they keep the current cast time and vulnerability

And you have no proof of only bad mercys hiding this entire argument so wtf was the point of you replieing to me

it would be completely indpendent of guess what abuseing sr systems

yeah I don’t agree with them going back to 50HP/s AND look at that she is more or less a throw pick because going back isn’t gonna solve anything I don’t agree with blizzard on everything I hope they gain some sense and fix it

No, infact it seems that they are content with keeping Mercy the way she is.