Will D.Va be getting a defense matrix range buff in OW2 5v5?

This will be needed. Andy did bring up the fact that they are buffing there defensive power of mobility heroes.

I could POSSIBLY see the return of the GLOURIS matrix range of 2017 - 2019.

Do you guys think 15 meter matrix would be a good addition back into the game?


I Don’t see how Dva can function in 5v5 without 4 second 15 meter DM
15 meters (original) DM is the most important change that needs to be done.

Hopefully we will see other things possibly change like boosters or damage changes but above everything else to change, Defense Matrix getting buffs is absolutely necessary.

It would just be nice to know what completely to expect. It’s a good insightful post and it’s great that communication on the topic exists but we need concrete info to work with (numbers and whatnot).


No, because that would be oppressive and wont someone think of the poor OWL players!


iirc the devs talked about buffing defense matrix during the pvp livestream, it was either more range or longer uptime or both I don’t remember

it could be both, not just 1.

Also would need the original delay between DM uses so she can react quicker as a solo tank.


.5 cooldown would be great but it’s nothing I expect. Who knows what they’ll end up doing really


4s duration, I think, because they definitely put that into the OW2 mod. I remember KarQ saying how good 4s DM felt.

4s feels so good, but the range is what turns me off about it


Here’s hoping you get both, then. :slight_smile:

You DVa mains really can’t accept the fact that dm range was nerfed in the past, can you?

You know what, just because of that do I hope they either keep it or nerf it somewhat more. :japanese_ogre:

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Defense matrix range was nerfed bc of Goats.

D.Va had 15 meter defense matrix for 3 years… I think we should accept the fact that it SHOULD COME BACK.


We should also accept the fact that DVa already is in a good spot in both ladder and esport and is therefore not in need of straight up buffs. IT SHOULD NOT COME BACK.


Um… I’m talking about OW2.

Not… current game…

More boosters is what I’m guessing.

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Great, so why did you brought GOATS up?
That happened in the past in the current game. Heck, you even mentioned she had it for 3 years. So what?

If we are only talking about ow2 then we can’t be certain if it NEEDS to be brought back. We can only wish for it to return, or wish for the opposite of course. Heck, what if they straight up remove it? We don’t know.

The fact is that it currently doesn’t has to be brought back. It’s simply not needed right now.

Assuming that there doing boosters + matrix range and duration since they didn’t want to give D.VA more… missiles lol


Bc thats a important date for D.Va.

Andy said there buffing Mobility rooted tanks with more defensive power…

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They said it got increased back to 4 s but didn’t say anything about a range buff.

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Possiblites are endless.

They haven’t yet. I expect that they’ll end up having to revert it once they see how 10 meters isn’t enough to properly defend teammates.
Also, let’s not forget that DM can only block what it can block. Beams still go through. Melee’s still go through. At least allow her to properly block the few things that she can block

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