Widowmaker joining team Overwatch

I hope Mercy gets her hands on Widowmaker to undo the brainwashing, honestly. She has a pregame voiceline “I know she’s still in there, I just need to run a few tests” (or something to that effect.

Widow regrets (if only secretly) killing Gerard. She visits his grave, puts roses there, holds onto their wedding photo, even comments to Soldier 76 about him leaving lilies on Gerard’s grave and that he prefered roses. Clwarly she cares, the brainwashing and emotionlessness is cracking.

I’d love to see Widowmaker’s relationship evolve with Tracer, Soldier 76, Ana and Pharah. Tracer and her have fought twice, Soldier hates her for killing Gerard (regardless of the brainwashing), she shot out Ana’s eye, which means that she hurt Pharah’s mother.


Well like 6 seasons ago Mercy promised to Baptist revile who is her love interest…still nothing. So I’d rather not expect wm to be cured anytime soon