Widomaker Knockback Based on damage

My code (sorta)

Event: Player took Damage

I have the condition that the attacker is widowmaker as i only want this to apply when widowmaker does damage to a player

Heres the part i have trouble with:

Actions: Apply impulse to the victim,(which direction?/ what should i put here) multiply the damage taken by 10 relative to the player and cancel contrary motion

I want it when widowmaker does damage the victim flies in the direction they were hit, and i cannot figure out what to put for “direction”

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

rule("Rule 1")
		Player Dealt Damage;

		Apply Impulse(Victim, Direction Towards(Attacker, Victim), Event Damage * 10, To World, Cancel Contrary Motion);

Also 10 might be a little strong~

Direction Towards(Attacker, Victim)