Why were Bastion units were put into production?

As we most know, Bastion units fought in the Omnic Crisis against humans. But i know there was something more before that. In the Binary comic, i believe Torb mentioned he designed Bastion units. But i dont remember hearing a reason why? I want to ask if Bastion units were designed to be like the OR-14 Defense units in Numbani. But i also read that Bastion units were produced by Omnic affaliated industries in the Omnic Crisis. Im very confused on which Bastion units in the Omnic crisis were produced by Torb, and the Defense matrix units turned against, or of they first came from Omnic affaliated industries.


They were originally designed for peacekeeping purposes, sort of like the original OR14s.


Now it makes me wonder what triggered the Omnics to turn against humanity.
A program error? An intentional sabotage? Terrorism? :thinking:

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Peace keeping turrets death machines… what could go wrong…


Yeah, peacekeeping…


I think they wanted equality and free will. Something like Uprisings backstory but in a worldwide scale. Bastion units are capable of thinking by themselves like in the cinematic.

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So Omnica Corporation was thought to be over but somehow the omniums revived itself to manufacture the hostile Omnics. (It was however known to automatically grow on it’s own). It kinda makes me wonder if the individual omnics rallied together or if there was a head AI system like a god program similar to Anubis that initiated the attacks. Also how the different Omnic groups around the world coordinated with each other. :thinking:

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So, when can you answer the more in depth questions? I would like to know several ones.

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Is Reinhardt + Bastion good friends or “neutral” towards each other?
I’d like to know how Rein feels about Bastion hanging around the family, especially since Bastion units were one of the main causes of his friends’ death in the animated short.

Based on the Interaction between Rein and Bastion on Eichenwalde, I’d say it’s more or less neutral. Rein basically says that he won’t hesitate to put Bastion down, should it return to it’s original command.

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pretty sure talon hacked the robots to force them to attack

Thank you! I always thought that they were for some kind of peace keeping or for protection.

We do not know when the Omnic Crisis started, it is still a mystery in universe.

But its probably not this. Talon hasn’t shown the power to control Omnics yet, the closest is Sombra who is a recent recruit (Past 10 years). Also, the earliest mention we have of Talon is… Gerard being appointed of anti-Talon operations. Which was in the past ~15 years, give or take 5 years.

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Peace through superior firepower.


“War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.”

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“Peace through superior firepower!”

Wasn’t it like that:
Ppl: “Yay we made omnium they are super cool. But they’re damn expensive and it’s unprofitable, so we have to shut it down”
Omnics with AI that learnt Self Defense: “NOT SO FAST!”


because nothing screams peace like 6000 rounds per minute.


I mean, we have soldiers and weapons as well. The army isn’t going to just wag their finger at bad guys and say “no no no, you can’t do this.” — or throw petals of peace everywhere.

There are always going to be evil people with awful intentions.

It’s quite simple, really.

They were designed with an internet connection.

Once they logged on to the internet, and saw the kind of stuff humans put on it, they rightfully concluded that we needed to be eradicated.