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I am curious what day of the week PTR nerfs tend to go live on but don’t want to make a thread, so I hope this is ok to post here.
I am doing my own little experiment hoping to play 50 games before Brig is nerfed. But I am now worried the nerfs will be going live soon.
Does anyone know the usual day in which the nerf would go through?

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Most live patches often hit the game on Tuesdays. That being said, I think you will have a little time. Most patches are released, to either coincide with a new hero, a new map, or a seasonal event. Winter wonderland will likely start mid December. Probably on the 11th. I am anticipating that will be the release date of patch 1.31 and all of the current balance changes which are now available on the public test region.


That’s quite a long wait honestly…

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Perhaps, and I could be wrong. I just work off any past trends from prior PTR and Live patches.


Thank you so much for this

This really makes me hope the mod team will take notice and hopefully develop subforums one day :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone, got caught up and added a few important posts added to the directory today.

In the Story Discussion forum, Michael Chu explains what the original purpose for the Bastion unit was for:

In the general discussion forum, Tom Power’s details the Loot Boost promotion on specially marked packages of Kellogg’s brand products (including the new Lucio-oh’s Cereal)

And a fun tidbit post from Bill Warnecke on Reddit about how B.O.B. interacts in the game.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/9yuemu/dear_bliz_can_you_fix_bob_so_he_doesnt_contest/ea4co9h

Thanks again for everyone’s support in this project!


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Haystack buddies :slight_smile:

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Torbjorn Deadlock skin is non-canon

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Jeff Kaplan made a post on “I don’t like developer silence” and the information would be really useful!
Here’s his post:

Thanks for the heads up, I was eating a really tasty burrito when this apparently appeared. At least this post will be handy for a little while to keep people in the loop for now. I expect Mr. Kaplan will post a “New Years” Developer Update Video like he has done the past two years now, which gives an outlook on things to come. However, this post proves my expectations of the dev team right now that they are working hard to make Overwatch better but it is taking a lot of time.

The post has been added to the Development Challenges section.

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What was it like?
We must know

Hey Callie, I’ve noticed a thing where people who have posted on a locked thread can edit their posts even after it has been locked, which can result in discussion still happening on a thread that was supposed to be silenced.

Are you or anyone else aware of this? Will there be a fix on the way?
Thanks in advance.

New update to the archives today…

First Tom Powers did a bump on a constructive topic in the Bug Report forum which significantly breaks down a VERY detailed report of suspected bugs for Doomfist and how they affect his current kit, identifying which are bugs and which are not. While I don’t typically document Blizzard responses to bugs, if most of these bugs are being resolved, it could result in a dramatic shift of balance for Doomfist. So for now it is going to be in the hero balance section for the time being.

Now I also caught up on several non-critical developer responses on Reddit from Lead Engineer Bill Warnecke, first he confirms a video advertisting an “Overwatch Mobile” game is indeed fake and any information collecting from it is a SCAM. Because of this, I am starting a new emoji, the :warning: icon, to denote such posts. The idea is to help spread the message that such content is a scam, but players MUST be careful to NOT go to the source content in order to protect their accounts.

On a lighter note, Bill Warnecke also had positive reactions to fan-created content in the last few weeks:

Guys you should really buff dommfist, he need buffs, #BuffDoomfist

You, uh, know Dinoflask does NOT do that, right?

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Game Director Jeff Kaplan is popping in on the forums today, this first post is not likely to be placed into the directory as it has little context outside of announcing an upcoming patch hopefully next week.

However he did gives a little trip back down memory lane of what he remembers it was like to first play Overwatch. This post will be sorted into the Development History section


The directory has been updated with the lore drops from the new Bastet story.



RIP Briggette. Rippity Rip.

And also I really like reaper, but 50% is too much.

There were two key interviews in the Overwatch Creator’s Residency today with Game Director Jeff Kaplan.

On that note, I have moved all Interviews into a separate section in the Development & History section on the third post since most of those interviews have a huge variety of subjects discussed. If you want to discuss these interviews specifically, please see this topic:

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Minor new update discovered on Reddit earlier this week, apparently the feature of being able to transfer ownership of a custom game lobby will be introduced in the 1.33 patch (note we are currently live on patch 1.32 and the PTR is testing features for 1.32.1).