Why Sym will never be in Meta

Sym(cough and others, like Sombra cough ) not being meta is fine. Sym being worse than prior to changes isn’t fine.

I think Symmetra’s teleporter needs a wider interact range and needs to be usable while CC’d- so, if Rein is charging you near your Symm’s teleporter and you hit F at the right time, you can teleport out of the charge. It also needs speedier deployment- down to a 0.5 second cast time and a 1 second deployment.

Symm is so… slow. Sluggish. Everything she does other than shooting has a cast time and a deployment time. I think a 1.5 second total teleporter would remedy this.


Pickrate is entirely perception based. Sym still has a negative connotation attached to her due to being a troll pick since the start of the game. It will take a while for her to recover from that perception.

Winrate went down due to her being LESS niche. She is actually usable in more scenario’s so she is not being switched off of after first point is lost. So people are actually playing her to the end of a match far more often. Thus resulting in a more even winrate instead of a artificially inflated one.

Owl is a non-issue. None of us will EVER play at owl level. However, that being said the current meta at pro level just does not match Sym. The pro’s typically find the strongest characters and play them. Not being the strongest character does not mean you are a “bad” character. It just means there are others that are overtuned.

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The turret heroes should all always be situational/noob stompers. It’s a toxic mechanic

That teleporter could pair with any her that doesnt have vertical mobility. It’s got insane potential is too much of a non issue to both take out and see coming.

so truly, one thing preventing her from being meta is that mobility right now is dominant

Seems like it in my eyes. She has the same issues any other hero that cant move around does. She just happens to be the worst of them all.

Syms SG and Brig Rally allowed the whole team to be monster tanks. She would have been meta if they waited another month.

I definitely agree. At least in comp where teams are disorganized. In owl she would likely not see a lot of play because coordinated teams have always been the counter of sym

I’m telling you guys, they don’t want what are marked as low skill characters to ever be viable in OWL. Moira is about the only one being given a pass on this currently, and Brig though she is being pushed down a bit. If you love Torb, Sym, or Bastion for instance, you will never find that character in OWL substantially or accepted in upper comp. Blizz doesn’t want them there in reality.

That’s not at all what he said…

I dont care if shes ever in OWL i care that they utterly gutted the core theme of the hero i loved and shes not even much better xD

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I don’t know… There are some things I think could be tuned up for Symm… but I don’t think she’s horrible and needs another rework, just needs attention.

Like her LMB still isn’t there, it has some bugs, she needs a little bit of survivability without being a Reaper with more than Reaper can do (siphon effect), or just enables more RMB use (more default health).

For Reaper and Symm I wish they’d really look into the clipping issues of their teleport (try putting it on a window).

However, I still think because of everything her teleporter can do she’s only going to be effective in groups with high communication, and the current meta just doesn’t favor her much right now.

She reminds me a lot of Ryze from League of Legends. Ryze’s ult is a casted teleport… Because of that… He’s usually been a pretty lackluster hero in anything but the pro scene because his ult requires high communication.

Talking about the same thing over here… but we got alot of music if interested. 🤨 Part 3 and Finale: Time To Chill and Drop The Unfinished Hero: Sym (My Last Topic on the Matter; Ex-Sym Main) (Updated)

I hate this strat because it’s painfully obvious and has never worked for my team or an enemy attacking team(Symm on tricks -.-)

“They have a Symm”
“She’s not here at the choke”
“Ok Cool, lets go crush the flankers and then clean up the rest”
“Oh, nvm. Our Genji just killed 2 as they tried to flank”

It never works and let me tell you, if it doesn’t work the first time, odds are they aren’t going to fall for it the 2nd,3rd, or 4th time.

I play in trio stack. I play mei, another plays road, and the last plays Sym.

This trio works extremely well together. Mei and Sym slow targets down. Making it easy for all three of them to land critical damage. Especially for roads hook. Which can be used to hook slowed targets further into the team to be eaten by turrets.

The teleporter and wall makes up for all three’s mobility.

The high self sustain of roadhog and mei allows for more healing to be sent sym’s way.

Mei and syms wall/barrier are great to cover long lane approaches and force cqc.

And finally, mei and sy have enough long/mid range to deal with and suppress targets.

We see alot of success with this comp.

Its been 2 years - has never changed.
More importantly close to 3 months since her rework released - meaning if people have figured out how to use her and found her to be terrible.

Its like a Guy waiting for a girl to call his number he gave her.
Then thinking of excuses after 1 month of why she hasn’t called back yet.

After a certain point it is just Sad.

“Maybe she umm sniff was an undercover CIA agent and had to go Dark. sniff she is going to call back. I know it, give it one or two more years. We were meant to be together . sniff

More than enough time has passed, and the situation has gotten worse. Its more than past time to accept reality.

He did say he could make changes to forcefully put her into a Meta.
Then made Changes to drop her to the 2nd lowest picked hero in the game.

I mean actions speak more than words.
In this case by making such changes and dropping her pick rate.

He confirmed his true intentions.
Z- For Symmetera.

3.0 has NOT been out for two years and it will take far more than 3 months to shake a 2 + year earned reputation.

We can confirm the reading comprehension problems exist in America.

We can actually confirm that I hit enter on my phone before finishing my thought :slight_smile: .