Why solo player vs. 5 stack

Why in the f did I just play a game in solo queue against a 5 stack from the philippians?? How do i know? They all had the same player icon and admitted they were attacked when i called it out. I cannot scream loader at this company to fix their matchmaking! This was in no way fair as none on my team was on mic, but i bet you they all were, and to add im almost positive one of my teammates is a new player, with the classic ow defult player icon and no name card.

The range of this game was silver 4 to gold 1 which is considered wide by ow standards. I didn’t sign up or opt in for a wide match… I don’t think this was a fair match up, not to say we didn’t try. It was a control map and each match went into overtime with the enemy team getting to 99% first each time. We won the first round with a decent struggle, but didn’t have the communication they had to counter coordinate their now boosted determination to win.
How do you get pictures onto these threads so i can show receipts???
If you’re a solo player stay out of comp… go watch netflix instead. I can’t anymore with this now trash game I used to love.

Never, even since ow1, has my win rate been this low. Even when i was new i did better, and was placed higher consistently. At least lfg was a thing so i didn’t have to play alone all the time. Sure people would look at my time played and kick me, but at least i felt like i could play the game with people once and a while. P.s. i play on console.

Idc all the trolls are gonna tell me “skill issue” but if the devs are trying to give more agency to the individual player, how is a 5 stack against a bunch of randos supposed to be productive to this idea.

This was my 1st game on today (technically 2nd but the first match had a leaver as soon as spawn opened, and the game was canceled… awesome right, great start ow) and now I’m just done. F this game and the state of comp right now. Let it crash and burn. Maybe they’ll actually care then, or they’ll abandon the game and we could all move on with our time and money. Smh blizzard… smh.


At worst it would have been a 3 stack and a 2 stack Vs your team of you solo and 2 duos

You can’t play against a 5 stack when solo.

That’s what i assumed until today… they confirmed they were in a 5stack… i asked them because they all had the same player icon which would be a highly improbable coincidence.

Solo queue should also avoid putting you in wide match games but that also happened here

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I think you can if it’s a “narrow” 5 stack but not a wide one
it should happen very rarely, but I don’t think it’s an impossibility.

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If they’ve changed it in the last month or so. I’ve barely played so have nothing from my own games.

because solo queue is nothing but lie.

I often get matched vs full 4-5 people premades as solo queue player…

I also dont think they ever said a solo player cant run into a 5 stack. They only prioritize putting stacks against other stacks but its not a 100% guarantee.

The new narrow/wide limits are strictly speaking only for how people can group up.

You can still have matches as solo where the range of players in lobby is wider than what a “narrow group” is.

e.g. The range of players in a lobby that consists of solo/narrow groups can be “wider” - but just that the groups themselves are not wide.

I just played the same stack twice. Forced to play QP.


I played against a streamer 5 stack in competitive mystery heroes a few seasons ago. Its probably still possible to solo q into a 5 stack.

Yes it is, and blizzard never said it wouldnt happen.
You just wont run into wide groups as a solo player, that’s all.

This game was wide… silver 4 - gold 1

Yes, the individual players can make a configuration in the lobby that is wider than what a “narrow group” would be.
If nothing better is available, or what not.

But what blizzard has only said, is that wide groups will not be matched against solos or narrow groups.

Consider also that in higher ranks the definition of a “narrow group” also is tighter than in lower ranks.
Since last patch,

  • Grand Master can now group within 3 divisions to be considered a narrow group.
  • Champion can now group within 1 division to be considered a narrow group.

If the narrow/wide restrctions applied on to how a whole lobby could be formed, the champion games would be next to impossible to set up because anyone could be at most 1 division apart from one another.

If you were champion 4- good luck finding 9 players who are champion 4 - champion 5.

But that’s certainly not the case in gold and silver lobbies. I can’t duo with my bf who’s just a few ranks above me without being in a wide match.
I wish your comment brought me comfort but the things you’ve said won’t happen literally just happened to me. Forgive me but i can’t really trust anything the devs say at this point.
They also promised better systems to stop hackers and we see how that’s going…

Yes, because the restrictions are just for how people can group up.
It does not limit how the matchmaker can set up lobbies.
Outside of the rule: wide groups will only be in lobbies with other wide groups.

in other words, in your example of silver4 - gold 1 game,
the silver 4 and gold 1 in the lobby could have been solo.

the 5-stack was restricted into being one skill tier apart from one another. Because they had to be a narrow group.
And so was any potential group in your team.

other configurations also are of course possible than the s4 and g1 being solo. i just gave an example.

it might have been the whole 5 stack was players ranging from s4 to g4

and your team had the g1 in it, among then something else around those ranks. etc.

Because the game is dead and they cant find other solo’s in your rank.