Why pick Reaper after the Torbjörn rework?

one second I misread what you said, you meant his other achievement the pixel one which is to kill three targets without reloading yeah uh… welp you said team wiping not killing 3 targets who could all have like 1 hp b4 reloading

Dude the pixel one is probably a pain now that wraith and deathblossom make you auto reload, big oof.

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i will play the reaper because he is a cool ghost


This has been the most wholesome thing I have read today, bless your soul.


yeah ive seen quite a few threads about ppl not being able to get it lmao, I mean reapers pretty trash hes the third least picked hero in qp for a reason xd and if youre trying to get that achievement in comp the team youre on is prob going to lose

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Most unwanted change ever…

I went and had a look. I think we’re on the same page with everything that’s holding Reaper back, and only differ in opinion about how best to fix his problems. You have some interesting suggestions, but as a non-Reaper-main I pick Reaper for some very specific strengths that the hero has rather than just because I like playing him (I do like playing him). For that reason, only the first set of changes looks somewhat attractive to me, because Reaper is a flanker/ambusher to me and should remain a flanker.

Reaper, to me, is defined by several strengths and weaknesses that should remain strong and weak:


  1. High sustained damage.
  2. A little self healing. Doesn’t matter if it’s passive or from collecting orbs, but Reaper needs a little self-sustain to do his job.
  3. Complete invulnerability on a cooldown.
  4. High out-of-combat mobility.


  1. Short range.
  2. Lower mobility in combat. Shadowstep is not a viable escape tool, and should not be. That is what Wraith is for.
  3. Must fully commit to a flank. No sustained harassment capability. No constant backline presence. Unlike Tracer, Reaper’s flanking abilities should be about getting in, getting one chance to get stuff done, and then getting out to go hang out with his team again. No loitering.

With these ideas in mind, I can’t support the “frontline buster” idea in your linked post because it removes Reaper’s out of combat mobility. The other idea has some promise along with some problems, but it’s headed in the right direction. Maybe later I can spend some time in that thread.