Why pick Reaper after the Torbjörn rework?

He’s out ranged, has inconsistent damage due to his mile long spread, wraith form is okay but is still a bad escape ability, Shadow step is only good for initiating an ult other than that it’s a over glorified suicide button, and his ult is countered by most of the roster.

Torbjörn, Junkrat, and Hanzo do his job that is his supposedly much better than him, picking Reaper currently feels like I’m choosing a throw pick rather than a Hero who will be a good choice and contribute to the team’s victory.

I honestly consider him to be the worst DPS hero now, his supposed niche of being a tank buster is done better by other heroes at least Bastion, Mei, and Symmetra still have their niches where they can work.

I think Blizzard should buff/rework him by looking at his flanking potential, you know the other thing he’s supposed to be good at.

I Don’t know if anyone notices me here but I’ve been pretty vocal about Reaper’s state since the OG forums and after nearly 2yrs I’m just about to give up on playing Reaper because if things continue to be the way they are than there’s honestly no hope for him.


Actually, Junkrat and Reaper are neck and neck at a lot of ranks. Take that how you will.


Junkrat isn’t doing well either IMO the projectile size nerf just made him inconsistent.


I am already switching over to Soldier 76 specifically because of the coming changes.

Reaper can’t be saved bois, you gotta just throw the whole hero away.


Junkrat can play a lot safer, while Soldiers has the versatility of being able to shut down Pharmercy.

A lot of us have problems with Reaper not just with being underpowered but more importantly of how he is easily hard countered by too many heroes in this game and is just getting flat out boring?

I don’t care if he’s reworked and he’s still blatantly underpowered; just make it him more interesting and fun to play.

Meaning; take out Shadow step and give us an actual useful ability.


I already switched over to Tracer nearly a year ago and haven’t looked back. RIP EDGY BOI.


I’ve been holding out hope for a long time, but things have only gotten worse and worse for Reaper meta wise. I’m number 20 Reaper right now, but that still isn’t enough reason to main.

R.I.P. Reaper

Soon I will be a McCree, Soldier and Hanzo main.


Why bother, you need to join the SOMBRA CLUB!

#buff reaper now 4 characters

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I already have 50+ hours on Sombra not as much as my Reaper hours but I’ll play her when I feel like she’ll be a good pick.

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Nah, I’m not going from Reaper who can solo carry to playing Sombra who has to just accept the team is bad.

Nope, I’m not doing that.


The boards will take that as you making up stories because they want reaper to be top #1 ultimo pick for sniping for some silly reason lol

I wish that made him more effective. Anyway, this is about Reaper, and how in a game where some heroes have 4 or 5 abilities, he still lacks an E.

Reaper can wipe an entire team, can stealth, can flank, can potentially one shot if his bullets hit the head, is slightly faster than Torb.

Reaper and Torbjorn are the same speed. New Torbjorn will posses the ability to run faster than Reaper by 30%, have a faster firing shotgun and have better spread.

It’s over bois, gg.


The shotgun spread consistency was a good start, but reaper does need looking into still. His teleport is like reinhardt’s charge, it’s used so cautiously and charge at least has a big reward. The risk for reward with teleport in comparison to other abilities is insane.

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By that logic, every offensive hero can wipe an entire team given the right circumstances.

Hey Masters players. Please just afk for 15 seconds while I use my slow teleport, my “stealth???” and then use my ult which totally isn’t easy to cancel or anything or can be blocked, oh and my bullet spread totally isn’t trash or anything on 200 hp targets.

Yeah. Okay.


And have 150 ARMOR while doing it. Reaper just got shafted.


Torb still can’t team wipe though. He’s better for sure. Like that kingdom map, forgot the name. It an Attack Torb is on payload, he can ult the doors and enemy team will die trying to get through the lava.

If Reaper can teamwipe with Death Blossom, Newbjorn can do it with Molten Core.