Why pick Reaper after the Torbjörn rework?

reapers trash anyone who dies to him is 2 he has almost no mobility a trash ult a trash spread trash fall off a joke of a passive his dmg is crippled by armor, and the literal worst ability in the game hes only good in low elos because like I said the only ppl who think reapers a good hero aren’t good

I play in Masters, not low ranks, and I disagree with pretty much everything you’ve said in your post… but I suppose you are entitled to your own opinion.

I play in gm but its ok pretty much everyone knows that reapers trash one person being wrong doesent change anything and spewing out things like he can kill an entire team without having to reload is pretty funny

I didn’t know 3.1 was considered masters weird unless I couldent find the right person on overbuff :man_shrugging: but their was only 1 gold soldier icon that I could actually find…

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They shouldve given reaper the same reduction in pellet / bullet rng torb’s alt fire got


I’d remove his self heal. Increase his damage by 20% and have it ignore armor. Plus give him a mid-range option on his secondary fire. Also just change his ult maybe to a “death aura” that surrounds him and provides an anti-heal effect in it’s radius (perfect for killing Tanks)

Reposting this here (71 likes) Why Reaper s̶u̶c̶k̶s̶ and what he needs - K he still sucks 12/18/2018

As stated previously, websites like Overbuff are a lot more unreliable due to the private profile thing. And all of this banter is still excluding the main point a lot of us have with him – HE’S. WAY. TOO. BASIC. COMPARED. TO. OTHER. CHARACTERS. He’s a Niche pick on certain scenarios such as Anubis yeah you’re right. But come on, we’re not asking him to be overpowered, but when we’ve been asking for Shadow step to either be a real useful ability or replaced for about 2 year now, yeah people are starting to get upset. Especially since there was a long time period where Roadhog made Reaper completely obsolete, and now we may face that with this torb rework.

Yes, we want a better ability than shadow step. His Leech is also garbage in comparison to Moira who can already heal her darn self.

Reaper just doesn’t have a strong sense of independence as other offensive heroes do. You’re likely to rely on Zarya to bail you out because it’s way too easy to focus you. His ultimate is also mainly used to try and guarantee a kill on a single support rather than it’s initial purpose of spread damage.

Edit 2: 200 hours on Reaper, man I deserve 200 hours of whining now. Dealwithit.

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lmfao this this is just so true

It’s literally one of Reaper’s achievements to kill multiple targets without reloading.

Does it happen in organized GM/Masters games? Not very often. It’s hard to do. However, it’s not impossible with good team support.

Actually, no. Overbuff is almost exactly as reliable now as it used to be, because it has always collected data on people who actually go there and sign in. It tells you that you need to make your profile public to get data. The people who want their data on Overbuff still have their data on Overbuff.

It’d still be awesome if Blizzard would provide a public API so that we could actually see the complete aggregate stats instead of only the sample taken by Overbuff. Until that day, however, in the practice of statistics one only needs a random sample of significant size to draw conclusions about the larger population. Overbuff is the best resource for statistics that we have.

I’m not a Reaper main like you are, but I don’t think Reaper without Shadowstep is still Reaper. I think Shadowstep just needs some small tweaks. The ability to suddenly show up pretty much anywhere on the map is what makes Reaper different from the other flankers, along with the need to fully commit to fight or flight instead of zipping around everywhere all the time like Tracer.

Maybe making it work like Doomfist’s ultimate would be good… perhaps while Reaper remains vulnerable so he can use it only as initiation and not escape? It would make Reaper much less dependent on specific map geometry.

As another idea, perhaps giving Shadowstep two charges would allow Reaper to do his job without providing too much additional mobility. Frequently, I find it difficult to get a good angle for Shadowstep without being seen by the enemy, and having a height advantage from the first Shadowstep would help make the second one count.

Moira does 50 DPS, not 280, and cannot headshot. She heals herself for 30 hp/sec with her right click.

A Reaper shooting into a tank’s body without criticals heals himself for 56 hp/sec, nearly twice as much as Moira’s self-healing.

Moira has a range advantage and her yellow orb, but she is a low damage support hero. Her being more survivable overall is fine because she is not anywhere near as much of a threat. Reaper’s “The Reaping” passive does a lot for him that people just don’t notice because it’s a passive. If he catches an entire team with Death Blossom, The Reaping heals him for 204 hp/sec. That’s huge.

I hear your concerns, and I agree that Reaper feels like he needs… something. However, he is definitely not “trash” or unplayable, and because of his incredible damage output and survivability, Blizzard needs to be very careful about how much they buff other aspects of his kit.

oh you meant with his ult garbage blossom right got it… LOL it literally doesent do enough dmg to kill most tanks good luck team wiping and unless youre like in bronze or something you should be able to cc it with any sense of awareness the majority of the time his ult is aj oke

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Just to role play as the Grim Reaper, pretty much. I really do not want to play Torbjorn, but he is just better. And they gave him a tank busting ability just to add insult to injury. Not going to lie, doubt it will actually perform that well against armor. But whatever, it is just the concept that makes me cry while listening to “Crawling in my Skin” by Linkin Park.

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and he actually has range and a good ult and well I mean his turret is nice

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please please please, go look at the link I posted. It’s to the thread I made regarding Reaper. I give a better explanation of why we want him changed. I know you think Shadow step is a huge part of his kit, and that might have been true at Day 1. But trust me, with all the new heroes being added in, with everyone just having better map awareness, and everything else. It’s just not what he needs anymore.

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I’m not sure about all that, but counter point:

Reworking one hero to be good (hopefully) shouldn’t be refrained from just because it edges out other heroes. They should continue to make heroes good picks, and add Reaper to the list of priority changes to make him better too. They shouldn’t not re-work Torb because it hurts Reaper currently.

one second I misread what you said, you meant his other achievement the pixel one which is to kill three targets without reloading yeah uh… welp you said team wiping not killing 3 targets who could all have like 1 hp b4 reloading

Dude the pixel one is probably a pain now that wraith and deathblossom make you auto reload, big oof.

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i will play the reaper because he is a cool ghost


This has been the most wholesome thing I have read today, bless your soul.


yeah ive seen quite a few threads about ppl not being able to get it lmao, I mean reapers pretty trash hes the third least picked hero in qp for a reason xd and if youre trying to get that achievement in comp the team youre on is prob going to lose

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Most unwanted change ever…

I went and had a look. I think we’re on the same page with everything that’s holding Reaper back, and only differ in opinion about how best to fix his problems. You have some interesting suggestions, but as a non-Reaper-main I pick Reaper for some very specific strengths that the hero has rather than just because I like playing him (I do like playing him). For that reason, only the first set of changes looks somewhat attractive to me, because Reaper is a flanker/ambusher to me and should remain a flanker.

Reaper, to me, is defined by several strengths and weaknesses that should remain strong and weak:


  1. High sustained damage.
  2. A little self healing. Doesn’t matter if it’s passive or from collecting orbs, but Reaper needs a little self-sustain to do his job.
  3. Complete invulnerability on a cooldown.
  4. High out-of-combat mobility.


  1. Short range.
  2. Lower mobility in combat. Shadowstep is not a viable escape tool, and should not be. That is what Wraith is for.
  3. Must fully commit to a flank. No sustained harassment capability. No constant backline presence. Unlike Tracer, Reaper’s flanking abilities should be about getting in, getting one chance to get stuff done, and then getting out to go hang out with his team again. No loitering.

With these ideas in mind, I can’t support the “frontline buster” idea in your linked post because it removes Reaper’s out of combat mobility. The other idea has some promise along with some problems, but it’s headed in the right direction. Maybe later I can spend some time in that thread.