Why not just give mercy overheal?

I thought you meant a cooldown ability that increased her healing for a short time like amp it up.

It’s just an idea, probably will never happen, just as how reverting Mercy to 1.0 won’t happen either. But it’s fun to brainstorm a bit. :slight_smile:

Keeping the healed target at 1 HP once every 10 seconds seems a fun passive, probably won’t happen either though and only counters snipers really.

But the other half is not true, everyone is complaining how Mercy is boring as hell, the point is not to make her OP AF, but to make her fun, not just a “keep mouse1 pressed and press shift every 3 seconds” hero.
Overheal would make a Mercy player think about if a target needs priority healing (and honestly, if a Mercy could dive with a Genji, overhealing would be waaay worse than boosting him, then healing him when he actually gets hurt), rez cooldown refund based on healing done would add another variable, just as how now the only thing the Mercy really needs to think twice about is if she could pull off the rez without being killed. Mercy 2.0 felt insanely fun, heal, fly in, rez, fly back, ult, fly in, rez, fly out, mass heal, etc. Even the fact that Valk gave her a free rez made it feel more engaging, because she would often ult just to have the free rez.
And now it’s just… boring. Try to heal by hiding since there are always 2 snipers. See a corpse, just shrug because you have no chance going in and out since there’s a Brig guarding it. Hear the Hanzo fire the Dragonstrike, fly to him to boost, then just sit down because you realized you can’t even boost it anymore. Hear your Genji pull the Dragonblade, fly in to boost him, get instantly killed by one of the 8 oneshot projectiles that the Widow and the Hanzo fired in one 1.2 seconds towards your direction. Leave spawn, die instantly to a Meteor Strike that the Doomfist used at half of the map just for you.

Meanwhile Moira heals more, can avoid most of the ults with a press of shift, has a decent self healing, can duel, has insane damage and AOE heal. Lucio can easily get 20+ healing and 6-7k damage in a 2CP match, hard to kill and fun to jump around and boop people.
Mercy is just mediocre healing without any real utility besides the - now very situational - rez. That’s the problem.
I honestly only play Mercy anymore when I’m actually too lazy to play. Every other hero needs more effort to be useful, maybe even Torb.

For real tho - before proposing any change or ability, think about this:
Is it going to make Genji and Tracer even more BS then they already are?

If the answer is yes, it is most likely not a very good idea.

p.s. FK off Brigg with your armour pack

But both are hard countered by Brig and she’ll never get reworked or hard nerfed, so, why are those two the problem? Looking at your icon I guess you’re a support main - I, as a support main, think the most BS heroes are still Hanzo, Widow and Doomfist. The rest can be countered moderately easily.

It’s something, but I agree. It’s not really enough time to make the claim that the ability is in fact “cancerous to play against.”

But I do respect your opinion nonetheless. As for me, as someone who has played her since she was announced up until now, I could say that while it was frustrating to play against (not denying that it was), I also realized (and maybe you would also see if you had more time to play against her) that it was rarely successful.

I don’t know if you knew about this, but the most common amount of team mates a Mercy could pull off with Mass rez was just 3 people. Over the course of an entire match.

If we compare that to her now, Mercy with a 30s res cooldown can easily double that number, and most Mercy mains, myself included, did.

I currently average at around 9.42 resses per game, and overbuff states that the average mercy players resses at 8.25 per game. That’s literally MORE resses per game than you ever could pull off back in 1.0 with mass res.

So what would be more cancerous? 1 big res that only happens once each game, or a res that happens every 30 seconds? You are entitled to your opinion, but for me, I would rather have just one big rez happen and have it done with, instead of worrying over the course of the entire game whether or not my kill is going to be undone by a Mercy every 30 seconds. My opinion.

Also you mention that there was “no counterplay with her mass res.” Let me guess, you are referring to the fact that Mercy was invincible when she ressed correct?

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

I thought you meant a cooldown ability that increased her healing for a short time like amp it up.

She doesn’t really have any more “slots” for abilities, so it would be just simply passively overhealing as shield at a very slow rate. The only thing not used is her blaster’s secondary fire, that could be used as bullets that lower the target’s damage output, but that would just overcomplicate things IMO.

Calling Brigg a solution to Gengo and Brit gal’s bullshippery is like making a cancer patient develop some sort of super cancer that is supposed to eat the weaker one. Well, good job. You got rid of the regular cancer. But at what cost?

About those one-shot heroes you mentioned, well… Cancer might be a bad thing but there is always something worse. I just didn’t want to get disgusted while eating. Too late now :confused:

Hey you. Yeah You. I like you.

You are a good person. May fortune and favor smile upon your path.

Oh and, be careful of that tater near the kitchen door. You’ll most likely stumble on it if you aren’t careful.

I’m aware of that, but honestly, Valk feels way more engaging to give it up just to be able to get off 2-3 man rez’s in general. And it just gives space to more toxicity, imagine DPS mains crying because they didn’t get solo rez’d as Genji. And yeah, that happened in a lot of those videos that I’ve watched.

Checked it myself, I’m at 9.52 so the numbers seem to be right, but honestly, how many of those rez’s completely useless? Rez at the spawn door because someone stepped into the junkrat trap, rez the Widow that got shot down by the enemy Hanzo because she not even can’t hit anyone, but doesn’t position correctly, rez a target that the Widow just sniped around the corner just for him to get sniped again, while mass rez was usually always on the payload or the point which actually changes the game. I would bet half of those average 8 rez’s are doing pretty much nothing.

I didn’t even know that was a thing haha, that makes it even worse. No, I just meant the Mercy flying in from her hiding spot, maybe even cheeky places like under the platform on King’s Row last point, or simply from spawn on WP:G last point, getting a mass rez.
I say, IF it requires LoS and IF it’s not instant but gets delayed like now, it’s fine. But then it’s way worse than having Valk + Rez on E, so then just no point. Honestly, I’d just make her with 100 HP only, with the same amount of numbers, including the self-slow and the cast time she currently has, but with rez CD reset to 20 seconds on using Valk.

I don’t like any of those 3 heroes, don’t get me wrong. I’d be way happier if they just straight out nerfed those two instead of giving us this monstrocity Papa Torb created, but at least she makes those two obsolete. The problem is that Brig is only somewhat countered by Pharah and Junkrat but then she just gets wrecked in this Widow + Ana meta super hard and Junk is well… junk. :smiley:

I always wanted her to get a burst heal from day 1, this way she could save allies BEFORE they die. Instead of going “lol srry I’m da only healer w/o any form of burst, even my Ult can’t burst heal! So I’ll just Rez you after you die srrrrrrrrry~♥”

But I guess burst heals are against her design philosophy or some dumb garbo like that?

imo I’d be 100% OK if Rez was replaced with a 10-15 second burst protection that could stop allies from being 1HKO’d. Like it heals 50hp automatically but gives 100 barriers for 2 seconds. So Widow can still 1HKO headshot squishies, but every other enemy just almost-kills allies. And since the barriers only lasts for 2 seconds/can be whittled down quickly/can only be applied 16m or closer (to the one she’s tethered to) it wouldn’t be OP. It’d make her a godly supporter if she sees an ally losing a 1v1 OR an almost dead ally (Brig, Ana, and Moira also have the same level of saving power so it’s not like Mercy will become meta-centric again).

Then Rez could be moved to a Valk only ability and just go back to being an insta-Rez at a super close range (to make Valk feel impactful despite being a dinky 50hps heal with a small AoE). Or maybe just give it a super short .5 second cast time.

If you like it then you gotta put a ring on it

She has self regen, she’s a single target healer anyway AND she has rez, burst would be pretty OP on her. So yeah kind of that dumb garbo. :smiley:
Mercy will never lose rez, it’s a unique skill that defines the whole hero and I don’t think Blizz would just throw out half of the animations, sprays and voice lines. It’s like taking the bomb away from D.Va, the Nano from Ana, Dragonblade from Genji etc.

But you know what? Burst heal could actually happen like, pressing both mouse1 and mouse2 at the same time, giving a 100 HP/sec burst BUT draining Mercy’s own health at 50/s rate. I would actually like that, would promote more teamplay, Mercy can regen it back slowly but other healers could help her too. It would even go well with her design, “sacrificing” her health for her team.

You are entitled to your opinion. As for me, I think Mass res was a lot more engaging than spectating the team with a weak chain heal, but we will just agree to disagree on which we personally think is better. But you do know that those same “Genji’s” are still crying because they didn’t get solo rezzed right? I could find a video of a genji main being toxic to a Mercy player after the rework as well even, the toxicity against Mercy mains haven’t changed at all. And with the 5 month OP Valkyrie fiasco, I’d argue that it’s a lot worse now than it’s been back then.

Um… That would depend on who is being ressed, and how useful your team mates actually are to the team. I’ve tempo ressed team mates who turned around and got a kill, and I even have footage of myself risking a res just because I know that it will result in a turnaround kill from my team mates. Not sure if it’s a strike of bad luck, but the majority of my rezzes turned out to be useful, so your mileage will vary there.

Those are all extremely situational. I’ve never experienced any of those things during my playthrough. Even so, do explain to me how those types of “useless resses” are less frustrating than 1 big res? Constantly getting ressed and then sniped again every 30 seconds sounds a lot more frustrating than it only happening once near the end of the game - in my opinion. :blush:

I see your point. But when you think about it, that hide-n-res behavior still exists. Mercy still needs to hide in order to res now, because of the LOS and cast time checks. It’s a lot harder to just run in and pull off a res in the open because of it, so I would think that hiding has only happened more often than before when a Mercy resses. To add, most of the mercy’s who hid and res were horrible at playing her. The mass res being most common at 3 people resses proved that such a strategy was rarely successful.

Actually. I agree with you on this. I think that an instant mass res without LOS is pretty bad design in general.

Well that’s an opinion. I’m afraid that I disagree with you there. I would very much rather have mass res than an ultimate on a 30 second cooldown. It’s extremely unrewarding and has low impact overall in my view. I don’t want resses handed to me every 30 seconds whether i deserved them or not, I want to work for it and have it be earned through my good mercy play. I could also do without the spectator cam flight mode in her ultimate. But that’s just me.

That’s an interesting take. Not sure 100 HP is fair though, she’d be much too weak without any shields, unless she’d also have a faster self-regen (which isn’t really a good idea to do either imo).

I like Titanium’s suggestion on her, which I would suggest you check out, since it kind of answers the problem with her having no impact but also making it balanced and fun.

But alas, we may just have to agree to disagree on our views. I respect your thoughts on her nonetheless. Thanks for offering your opinion. :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

It would encourage pocketing even more

Her healing is so weak now that you’d rarely ever use the overheal

No, it would encourage “useless” pocketing even more : plus pocketing would become even more cancer when it’s not the objective of the character.

I wouldn’t call her good, she’s Ok. But Moira/Ana currently outshine her. Plus, she’s just incredibly boring to play as.

Because the idea was suggested before Brigitte release on the Megathread and the idea got rolled onto Brigitte

Same with the Beam Merging Idea

Sorry I forgot “rez” from that sentence, what I meant was “Make her rez her teammate with 100 HP”.

But now she has Valk + the “ultimate on 30 sec” on E, so she has two “ultimates”, it might be a personal preference but I don’t really see how a situational huge rez would compensate that. What would she get for her E ability? Nothing? Then we’re straight out nerfing her because we just agreed she’d need LoS and a casting time. Although I could settle for a mini-Valk on a 30 second cooldown where she could fly freely and heal multiple targets while her regen could not be stopped - for 6 seconds. But then the Genjis and the Junkrats would cry because they couldn’t get their free kills on the Mercy with their ults…

My experience is, since Mercy “2.5” aka. cast time + self slow on rez has been introduced they finally understood that if they dive and die Mercy not only can’t rez by sacrificing herself but she can’t even pull the rez off because she will get killed and the rez will get cancelled so they stopped crying for it.