Why no Palestinian flag icon?

There’s more than 190 countries in the world but only 32 flag player icons, so it’s not like Palestine is the only missing. Jeff has mentioned in the past that legal issues barred them from adding more - you pretty much need a permission to include these.


I mean, sure why not…? 🤷

Worked for the LGBT community :man_shrugging:

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This isn’t even a comparison. Why would you use that as one?

Age doesn’t matter in this case. Every country still has laws in effect about how their flag is used. It’s less copyright or trademark than it’s Individual regulations of how businesses can use them.

He didn’t say they should edit out the flag, but copy it in a apply a bit of change so it becomes the Palestinian flag, they are almost identical

How exactly?? There is already an israeli flag, it won’t make a difference

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Because there isn’t enough “mUh RePrEsEnTaTiOn hurrr durrr” spam about it.

I am my own country, the King and Parliament all rolled into one. I demand my own flag be in the game too! It’s only fair!

They need to have a license to use it. Also changing flags is even worse than not having license for them.

There’s no Tibetan flag ingame?

In fact, most countries’ flags aren’t ingame.

It is to do with licencing.

they explained it ages ago.

The reason why is obvious. Everything about that small area of the world is extremely complicated, sensitive and controversial. Blizzard avoiding it shouldn’t be surprising.

The issue’s not that complicated really. Everyone knows what Israel is doing, there’s no denying it.

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What many claim to “know” about the issue is just from oversimplified and clickbaity media headlines. Not going to get into it on here though, it’s not the place.

i agree with you
there is Israhell flag but no Palestine flag

also Israhell have 0.0001% of players why the game have their flag??? delete Israhell flag or add Palestine flag to be fair

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How about you read the previous answers where it was explained multiple times already?

Edit: New Country Flags: process of decisition? - #4 by JeffreyKaplan

here’s Jeff’s response to the same topic from months/years ago.

Nothing was said or done ?
Israel issued a formal apology, issued reparations to the families of the dead and injured, and paid for the repair of the ship.

And if it was quietly swept under the rug, you wouldn’t have people like you harping about the damn USS Liberty 50 years later.
Seriously, the British literally set fire to the White House and the Capital Building - you lot seem to get along with them well enough.
Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, and dragged you into a massively bloody war in the pacific - you lot seem to get along with them well enough.
Do you take particular offense to Jewish people or something ?

I would love to see Palestines flag represented, but ultimatively, i would trade the abstinence of it, against a cease fire and Palestine getting a better treatment of the world rather then them watching this butchering of their people …

So hope remains, for both things to come reality, at least one day…

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We all know the reason why :thinking: :smirk: