Why Mercy’s Super Jump officially might a bad thing!

They think all we want is just exo boots.

But what we like about superjump is the amount of GA control slingshotting and superjumping gives us about the height, curve and distance of the jumps.

I don’t want to do a maximum vertical distance superjump every single time I press buttons and if they take this away, they will inevitably lose a lot more players than they gain by dumbing down her movement.


because to my knowledge, moira’s fade jump change didn’t really change all that much in terms of how often you can do so nor limit which jumps you can really do (if anything it added more). like with what they were doing, there was only really additions and like no subtractions.

and yes, you can still do the old moira extra length/distance jump, you just need to time jump later than we did before.

I expect all it will be is if you are crouched as you GA, then will will put the jump in the right place to make it happen.

I don’t think they will turn it into a cooldown ability, and the proof of this is, they don’t have a button to bind it to :wink:

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Then that would mean automatic superjumping without your own input about height and the distance you want to perform the jump from. Again a huge no-no.

What they COULD do is make crouch ga more readily available, because atm you can hold crouch and ga, but it doesn’t work because crouch ga doesn’t actually exist and you will just ga normally. So you need to crouch and then immediately ga to actually get the crouch ga to work. So they could make it so that crouch ga becomes an actual ability for mercy if she holds down crouch button and presses ga normally.

If they just streamlined the process from doing a guardian angel from crouching, but not affecting any of the button sequence combinations that players are using to superjump with ingame, that would be completely fine in my opinion.

Anything else and I will probably lose my mind and quit OW when they force me to transition to ow2.

The scariest part is that they won’t pick the sensible option if they are going to make it “accessible”. No way they will.


I understand that feeling. I used to main her years ago.

I’m trying to work out if there is a way to make it more accessible without messing it up. They ARE listening to the pro community though, and they will ABSOLUTELY rip them to shreds if they mess this up.

So maybe we don’t have to worry so much.

Pros don’t use mercy, why would they explictly care if they messed superjumping?

Pros just use mercy to pocket flying characters because that’s all she is good for in pro league.

Some do, and the streamers (which are also pro’s in their own way) absolutely do.

And Blizzard is REAL careful around them.

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Yes they do, just need to remove rez. :stuck_out_tongue:

They’ve already said time and time again that it’s staying in the game, and they’ve also said in the past that they wanted to make it easier.

I just can’t wait to see them butcher it, watch there be a long cool down or something.

Future Edit: Surprise, surprise, they did an amazing job. But it might see some nerf in the near future due to how even more exploitable it is. Its also not the buff she needed for Overwatch 2.


Im thinking that if they want to make it easier they will make it an extra high jump that you can do mid guardian angel

Currently, crouch guardian angel is not actually available if you simply hold down crouch and then try to ga.

If they wanted to make it accessible but not dumb down her GA nor superjump, a good route would be to just make it so crouch ga can happen normally if you just hold down crouch to guardian angel.

I believe this would be an acceptable solution if they want to make it more accessible but not actually mangle up superjumping and the techs associated with it or control over guardian angel.

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People who claim Mercy is a no-skill hero have never watched high tier Mercy movement. Watching Niandra, or Hoshiora, or Aquaboost, they always manage to evade damage and re-position themselves so gracefully. I can inconsistently super-jump as is, but watching them definitely gives me something to aspire to as a support main (even ML7 has admitted to not being able to pull off some of Mercy’s movement techs.).


The devs are killing Mercy more and more, there will come a time when it will only serve to walk through the spawn and that’s it.

5 minutes of talking about “how good i am at bug abuse”
this tech should not be tuned, it must be just removed

Copy-pasted from my post on Overwatch 2 PvP Beta: Week 2 Developer Blog

Niandra made a good video regarding the Super Jump blurb here. Pretty much all the comments I read in its section on YT opposed changing SJ. I’m going to copy-paste what I wrote in the comments, with slight edits:

The ONLY people who’d want this are Mercys who don’t know how to SJ, and maybe not even all of them. No Mercys who know how to SJ want it, and no tanks or dps want to deal with more SJing Mercys. (Those who are complaining in this thread that “your team’s mercy might not know the tech” are being irrational, I’ve never seen this happen - though that’s anecdotal of course)
This is such a bad take on Blizz’s behalf. It doesn’t fix anything of her kit that she needs. It may break current movement techs (which would be an absolute nightmare). If Super Jump were made an easy one-button press or something, you’d see tons of Mercys getting themselves killed by SJing randomly. I feel like those who actually have gone through the effort to learn the SJ tech also have a decent general concept of when not to use it. As others have said, Mercy does not need her skill floor lowered. Her movement is by far the best part of her kit, and even WITHOUT super jump, plenty of Mercys do just fine (at least in mid elos and such). I saw one suggestion that seems viable here: making it so using crouch during GA at any point will make SJ happen, instead of making it about very exact timing. That is the only way I can see this being dumbed down without being too bad, and also not destroying other flight techs.
We need to NOT LESSEN the disparity between good Mercys and bad Mercys, we already have that stigma and it can be valid that it is hard to climb as Mercy no matter how well you play.
If they do this and go too far with it, the only really BIG disparity will be beam priority/choice. Watch Blizz change beam to both beams at once to dumb it down lol jk but seriously what is this thought process?!
Mercy is a hero that has an EXTREMELY low skill FLOOR. There is no reason to lower the skill CEILING. Give us something we actually need. If anything, increase the skill ceiling. Please.
Also I’m not saying that SJ makes you instantly good, that would be ridiculous.

Ftr, Sling GA is a lot less contextual than SJ and has far more value for survival etc. Mercy has a ton of GA techs, including techs that involve SJ.

This isn’t the change Mercys need or want.
Sorry for length, I have a lot of thoughts when it comes to sudden news about my most played hero.

Adding Skiesti and Eleyzhau to your list! And probably others I forget. Watching them has actually improved my gameplay.


I hope they don’t put this change through, I remembered when they put the Lucio changes through a while back and being good at Lucio just didn’t seem impressive anymore, since you are literally a magnet stuck to the walls now lmao. I know its probably 2 different cases but for me its similar so I hope they don’t put the changes through for you guys :slight_smile:

(Disclaimer not a Mercy player whatsoever like 10~ hours on her in the 1000+ I played OW)

My only issue with super jump is getting the exact timing right mid-match can be very difficult. If it was available at any point when crouching+guardian angel is engaged I would be so delighted.

I also think having one additional super jump on cooldown which doesn’t require guardian angel at all would be great (without removing existing S-J technique -i.e. in addition).

can confirm

we are indeed chill

NOW GET ON THE GROUND AND GIVE ME ALL YOUR CASH purple orbs everywhere giant blinding coal beam of death while i flank your teams support murdering their families



Sadly they did mess it up, A lot of the movement is lost now. They should make this sort of thing an option, or a key binding change other than implementing something that sort of a movement nerf in my opinion (you always go max height from what i know).