Why Mass Rez won’t come back


Except you don’t have to know where it is. Only Mercy does. You can literally kill Mercy just by figuring out which direction she’s headed. Only Mercy has to be that pinpoint precise. to her disadvantage.

All YOU need to do is move her in any direction you choose.


And we’re back to ”Because she didn’t use it”. Again, do you want her to lose her Ult every time she does or something?


I’m just pointing out how countering Mass Rez promoted bad ult economy. You require an ult to keep it from happening once but it allows Mercy to get use it later.


Umm excuse me. You’re changing the argument.

You were saying before that Mercy’s ult can fail if she gets knocked a centimeter out of position. I responded by saying that you can’t reliably counter her that way, and that doing so would just be a happy accident.

You then said “are you kidding?! You totally could. Just knock her out of her sweet spot.” I then said that you can’t realistically or reliably determine where her sweet spot is.

Now you’re saying “Oh, just kill her before she pulls it off”.

Seriously, at least try to maintain some consistency in your argument.


And that means… what exactly? Without context, something like pick rate, is useless.

Btw, what Blizzard actually said, was that Mercy was, by far the most popular hero in the game (I believe at one point accounting for a whopping 33% of the player base). That doesn’t however, say anything about her position in the meta, or her balance, because, as you’ve probably been able to tell through your time on these forums, Mercy is picked for a huge variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, people picking her because the like the character, regardless of how she performs.

If Mercy’s high pick rate (comparable to Reinhardt, who is considered fine, by the way) was also accompanied by an unusually high win rate, then you’d be right about Mercy being a balance issue. As it was, however, and again, like Reinhardt, her pick rate did not also come with an unusually high win rate. So while she may have been picked a lot, she didn’t win all that much, especially in the higher ranks where she was easily countered by pretty much everyone and only excelled in a certain pocketing niche.


Mercy is always in the top 10.


So are quite a few other heroes, including Zenyatta and Reinhardt. Your point?


Nothing will change, she will not be reverted, people needs to move on.
Mercy will NOT change, but the Mercy mains can’t understand that.


The hilarious thing is that you’re trying to insult me, but are only missing the entire point of what I said.

Mercy has to stand in her sweet spot to Rez her team. Except she doesn’t know where it is, and has less than 5 seconds to figure it out. The enemy team can do anything they want to stop Mercy from moving or to hinder her from figuring out where she needs to stand. They don’t need to know exactly where to move her or to push her. A Junkrat just shooting one grenade in her general direction is all it takes to screw her up.

Seriously. Actually understand what someone’s telling you before complaining.


I was just providing the a source and just pointed her pick rate out.


Again, going off pick rate in a vacuum. Lame

On top of that, these are current pick rates. Not the ones that’d fit this discussion, namely, those from before Mercy’s rework.

See how easy it is for me to send you back to the drawing board?


And the enemy has less time than that to react. Mercy can see her teammates though walls can plan where to GA to before she jumps out.


Except the devs have always said Mercy has an abnormally high pickrate, which is independent of her value in the meta.

She has literally been the most popular character in the game since it came out, no matter how trash she was/is.


No, if anything, they have MORE time. The moment they get one enemy kill, they know where Mercy has to move if she wants to Rez them. Mercy can ONLY find out where the sweet spot is after her last teammate has died.


She just needs a new ult that is fun to play.


If I may interrupt the march on Antioch for a moment, it bears indicating that you’re very selectively enshrining or discarding developer statements based on whether or not they support your point of view.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled siege, already in progress.


No, they don’t unless they pay less attention to the fight, which hurts their own preformaces in the fight itself. Also, Mercy can see where her teammates are before they die. She also has a pretty large range so finding that sweet spot is pretty easy, especially once you consider she has a dead teammate counter for Rez.


Where in my post did I try to insult you? I haven’t called you any names or anything like that.

Which, again, would be a happy accident. Basically, counter Mercy with RNG. That’s terrible game design.

I understand exactly what you’re telling me. You’re basically saying to counter Mercy, you have to basically shoot in the dark and hope to mess up her finding her sweet spot, which you yourself have no way of determining where it is.

What if you accidentally knock her into her sweet spot?


Except one example is the developers stating literal statistics.

The other is the developers forecasting the future.

Not sure you thought this argument out.


I’m not sure that your stance on the matter carries any water. It may be a poor method of hydrating the troops. Luck to you nonetheless.