Why join comp if you don’t want to play as a team?


No voice chat on console, not picking infilled roles, etc. I don’t get it. Stick to QP if that’s what you want yes?


Because private profiles allow you to play the game how you want , disregarding the entire team aspect of the game .
This is one if the reasons why the game needs a role queue, yes it doesn’t solve 100% if the problems , but its a good start.


Bold of you to blame it all on private profiles, people didn’t play as a team before they were introduced any better.


I can’t use Voice Chat because of where I live; on a university campus, the code used by Voice chat looks like a form of piracy to the firewall so they don’t allow it.


Sadly, lots of females, younger folks, and players with various accents and/or high pitched voices get mocked/derided/insulted and worse when they join voice chat. The toxicity has go to away before you’ll get these folks back on voice chat, assuming they own a mic, which isnt required to play the game, including comp

If you insist on all players being on Mic, use LFG. Yes, it will take longer to get underway, but thats the tradeoff for ensuring your team has mics

I don’t know what you mean by “infilled roles” - can you clarify?


Sounds like someone auto-filled DPS and expected the others’ to choose the more important roles in some formation like 2/2/2 or whatever.


possibly - dps does tend to be the most popular pick in games I am in

no offense, but hoping the OP will clarify…


Of course dps is the most picked , there are far more dps heroes than tank or support. Therefore someone maining a dps Is more likely. + he is trying to say I think , people don’t tend to fill roles that are needed/ not selected


I think they meant unfilled


My 10 year old plays for the gold gun, period.


People who don’t want to coordinate team compositions with their allies didn’t just suddenly all stop doing it because their profiles can be hidden now.


Hey op, just become a tank main.


quite possible, even probable - but no offense, I am hoping the op clarifies


Yes , if a sym one trick played mcree back when there was no private profiles , that would be called throwing .
Now , you don’t know who mains what , so deciding on a team comp is impossible, as anyone could just pick whatever they feel like Especially the higher you go, playing the “meta” Is needed to win . Adding to the lottery that is OW comp .


bEcAuSe I pLaY hOw I wAnT tO


character selection alone is not considered game sabotage per Blizzards rules


Give me an unranked comp mode then. You don’t get to attack & defend in QP, you just get to do one or the other and wait for leavers to be backfilled the whole time.

Our choices of play are super tryhard or just trolling. There’s no casual play.


All you have to do is ask who can play what. If people aren’t willing to comply now, they probably weren’t willing to back then either. If someone creates an account only to play Torbjorn they probably don’t care what their teammates want.


4Head , just ask.
Most players who have private profiles will not join voice chat.
Players had an incentive to play the hero they "had the most experience " with or who they main as it would be clearly displayed on their profile , and they would get backlash if they didn’t which is reasonably valid. But now , they can hide and play whatever at usually the loss of your teammates. + this isn’t an issue lower in the ranks where the meta doesn’t really apply .


Voice chat isn’t and never was the only way to communicate with someone.