Why isn't Pharah listed as a sniper?

Well yeah we can go even deeper into Nano Tech but still, if something is “guided” or has an auto pilot, it doesnt matter that is super precise and can hit very little things, it’s not a sniper weapon :smiley:

Sigh so much for memes and kek on the forums

Oh yeah, for sure. I have no idea why this thread exists, I just clicked on it because I knew there’d be a ton of funny comments questioning OP

Snipers do splash damage?

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I have this imagine in my head of a literal thread of Bastion noises.

Also, I don’t normally hop on the forums very often (these days, I don’t play OW much anymore and I just come on here to blast Blizzard because I think they broke some heroes), so I’m not overly bothered about not being able to post gifs. Such a shame, though :confused:

This is Far closer to the truth than it should be… O-o



I don’t even play much either… Haven’t actually loaded it up since the aim assist changes to Console…

But i stay here, keeping tabs on the Bastion megathread… :3
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And we’d be glad to have ya.
All we do is flame Bliz for their poor changes while figuring out the best possible ones for Bastion. X3

Here’s a link for ya! [💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored]

I knew I was right

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Snipers are meant to one shot full hp targets trough a highly precise critical shot at a distance, thats why phara isnt a sniper.

Next question

But Ana is a sniper as well and she doesn’t one shot either.

Ana only has high precision shots but she cant crit and her goal isnt to do damage, she is not played like a traditional sniper and she shouldnt be considered one

What I’m asking is what exactly determines why someone is called a sniper? Pharah will almost always be are far off ranges dealing extremely high damage with a weapon that requires her to be precise simply because of her slow projectile and the great distance she will typically be at.

You generally don’t consider someone a sniper if their attack goes 4 miles per hour through the air…

Your statement also conveniently leaves out tanks. Also what defines what a sniper is exactly to warrant her to even be considered a non-traditional sniper?

Here are things that define snipers
-one shot potential
-critical hits, to reward accuracy
out of this 3 phara only got range

That’s an odd examples considering that there are multiple games where snipers are extremely slow.

I just told you, snipers are offense oriented characters that are able to 1 shot full hp targets trough a highly precise critical hit

Ana is just a support character with a highly precise weapon. She’s supposed to be versatile. She has the scope and hitscan (when zoomed) so she can heal at range, but she isn’t a replacement for a widow/hanzo. All things being equal an Anna going against a widow should pretty much always lose. Remember that she can’t headshot, that should tell you a lot about how she’s intended to be played. Long range chip damage is doable, but she’s a healing support character first and foremost. Not to mention the huge amount of time she spends shooting from hipfire.

But why is Ana considered a sniper if she lacks one shotting potential. It seems like these rules a tad bit flexible.

ana is not a sniper?!!?!? she is a healer
she is sniper by lore but not in game
your mistaking gameplay mechanics with lore and character design

Where it says that??

Whats the point of this thread? Are you mad that Pharah can outrange everyone theoretically by spamming hail mary rockets from the other end of the map, therefore she should be called a sniper? Hanzo or Mei or Zen or Sombra’s secondary can do literally the same thing, are they all snipers too now? :joy: