Why is Total Mayhem not in the arcade?

I don’t know how to properly word the title, but basically I’d like to make a thread specifically focusing on the point Moth brought up.

Obviously, I don’t have any stats to support anything I’m about to say but:

  • I believe Total Mayhem is one of the most popular game modes. Even above QPC & mystery heroes (but not above role queue competitive or qp).

Maybe TM & MH could alternate a weekly rotation in and out the arcade cards?

or perhaps, TM becomes the arcade staple it should be?..


When arcade isn’t messed up from an event or comp mode, every second day is nice. I wish they would stop putting comp modes in arcade, and just put it under comp tab. Move qpc to qp tab. And have event modes as extra slots in arcade when they come, or a main option at main menu while they are here.

I dislike mayhem, but know it’s a popular mode. Much more popular than other modes that never have their slot messed up like 3v3. Maybe in ow2 blizz will do something, who knows.

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it always hurts during events when it is rarely seen, its the only mode I play that counts to the skin thing


What else do you play that doesn’t count for skin? Vs AI? Unless you meant for arcade boxes, not weekly event skin.

custom games

and yes, i mean weekly skins (and also mini event stuff)

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So you only play custom games and mayhem?

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Kinda answered there to be honest.

Oh well ok thanks.

Lock my thread ig bc that answers my question