Why is no one talking about 'A Great Day'?

Like, I think I’ve seen one or two posts about it and that’s it.

It was fantastic, with really well done character writing and really solid animation.

I love Sombra’s comment to reaper about dancing pretty good lol. I also genuinely didn’t expect that twist the first time around.

I really hope this is just a preview of things to come in the future, I would absolutely watch a tv show like that short.


Yes, for a moment I was wondering if it would turn out he was sabotaging Talon, I’m glad they didn’t actually go with the boring “big scary guy turns out to actually be good” though.

The short really gave me the feeling that the theme of his character is “unpredictable”, a guy who you never really know what might do next.

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The last 30 seconds were awesome.

The above gives me too much of an impression of an Avengers movie made by Disney, I felt no emotion.
But I must be too bitter or insensitive.

Interesting little details:

  • it is clear that we are talking about the same ship in the sector attacked in Gotheborg by the third PVE mission;
  • Another no less interesting detail, Doomfist says he saw the explosion from space: is Doomfist in space? is it about his collaboration with Sigma? or is it just a mention of its Talon satellites?
  • I liked a comment from a guy who noted that Talon’s search for energy cores is very similar to the Train Hopper comic where Cassidy stopped Talon from trying to steal a mysterious object on the train. Maybe they wanted to steal an omnic core?
  • The fact that Talon wants to steal Null Secotor technology confirms once again that Doomfist is not creating an alliance with omnics for terrorism as it seemed in Storm Rising, but is only interested in opening a definitive conflict between omnics and humans;
  • What makes this cinematic good is that Mauga returns to be underlined as a “non-steroptype” character: he is big, but also clever and sneaky in the simplicity of his action plans, albeit violent.
  • Sombra is well defined: perhaps due to her past as an orphan, but she seemed rather scared to see the omnics of the Null Sector as an instinctive reaction. She does not lose her frankness even if she admits that she has no sympathy for Mauga’s approach (and here her sympathy for Baptiste is underlined). Finally, she is obviously pleased to have had everything she wants from her operations: information, or rather, directly the source of the information she wanted, and this does not necessarily make her an ally of Mauga even if she admires the “souvenir” that he gives her has.

Honestly, I find an oddity in this type of project on Blizzard’s part: why not start a real animated series on Overwatch? Genesis outlined that the community still gets excited about this type of media, and that he always made it clear how sad it is that it is so incomplete or short of a moment.


Probably because almost no one uses the Story Discussion section of the forums. I made a post about a month ago and I can still see it just scrolling down a bit.

The way he tossed his shotguns over the omnics head, caught them and then blasted its head off as it turned to see the barrel in its face… :ok_hand: mwah, french kiss. So clean, so graceful, so deadly. Just as he should be.


A Great Day was one of the best animations OW2 has produced, in my opinion. How all of the characters interact and speak to each other. Its awesome! I wanna see a whole TV series like that! Theres a ton of comments on YT. There should be more here about it thou.

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because pve is pretty much death and there is no point on talking about any little lore we get because will go to nowhere

There isn’t, much to go on, the game doesn’t even have a complete story mode, even I am starting to look for greener pasture while only playing this game as a lite casual, remaking my main in other games where their is a campaign mode to play and interact with.
Overwatch 2 is being pre packed flavorless mush now.

Because all people do with this game anymore is complain. Its why i don’t come here anymore.

That said, yeah the short was really good and had interesting lore implications.


Same here really I’m waiting for more story so I figure I’d make some Overwatch buddies, all I got was a reminder of why I turn off all in game communication.

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I honestly would rather they make Overwatch animations regularly than continue working on PVE at this point. The story is phenomenal and very underrated.

I think Talon is the best part of the story.

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This is honestly the first I’m hearing of it