Why is last second backfill still a thing?

This game has been out for what, like 4 years now, and I still get backfilled into matches where there’s not even a possibility of reaching the point before the game ends. Why is this still a thing? I get that backfill is a necessity and there will be times where you get backfilled late into a match where you will likely lose, but being placed into a match where there’s less than 5 seconds remaining is ridiculous. It’s just a giant waste of time. Maybe the reason is that there’s uncertainty as to whether the game will go into overtime. Ok fine. But if it doesn’t and I see a defeat screen immediately after joining, then you should auto queue me to the next available match.

Not to mention, the next match will probably end up being some bogus 2cp like paris where people will just rage quit immediately. Sunk cost fallacy in full effect here. Just because you spent resources on the maps doesn’t mean they need to stay active when they are in such a crappy state. Admit that they have major flaws and take them out of rotation until they are fixed, period. I’m willing to bet people have actually quit playing overwatch altogether because of maps like paris. Hell, there’s been plenty of times where I boot up overwatch only to get paris as my first match and immediately quit the game to play something else like apex or csgo. I used to tough it out and play these maps, but I’m done with it. I’ll just instaquit like the rest of the player base going forward. It’s not like endorsements mean a thing anyway.

They’re working on a priority queue system for competitive, so I don’t see why they couldn’t give priority queue to backfillers in Quick Play.

so you can get that useless 100-110 exp boost when you get added in game that´s in POTG screen already

Jeff said this recently about it:

That seems like a good start. However, I still think that if you’ve finished your last 5 or so games without leaving, you should be immune to backfilling. Not only does that help the players who aren’t part of the problem, it’ll also probably stay the hand of some of those players who leave in the last 3 seconds before a loss.