Why is it impossible to rank up with supports?

So I mainly only play support, sometimes I will play tank or dps if I’m bored from playing support. So I was just playing tank in comp for fun, I wasn’t even trying for most of the games. I win enough games to see my rank and I get silver 1… I’m a support main and have played over 70+ support games in comp and my highest this season is bronze 2. I just don’t get how for the support role I get lower than a role I barely ever play. Also I win a lot more games when playing tank compared to support. So why am I ranking higher in other roles that I don’t even play seriously or barely ever play? Is it because I’m a bad support or is it due to some other factor. I just don’t get it.


because as support you have to basically be a GM and DPS better than the 5 other players.

This game’s balance is trash, the matchmaker is trash, and your teammates in your rank most likely got boosted and couldn’t know to shoot the purple tank in front of them.


Yeah solo que support is probably the most miserable experience in comp.

Getting dps several ranks lower is way to common and has developed an unnecessary disrespect for the role (for me).

I find i get more annoyed with unsyncronized game sense than with a lack of mechanical skill. So often your dps dont follow up or execute the plays as expected.

This part is pure rng what your team will be like.

Regarding ranking up in metal ranks you will need to do a lot. Its about APM and you shouldn’t be doing nothing if you can help it.

Healing, damage, even helping your team break shield, shoot turrets etc.

The game will asses your stats as performance SR and determine how yours compares to others in your rank and place you (after wins) the same or higher depending on that assessment.

Like if you’re getting 10k+ healing but you’re dying a lot, mmr feels you wouldnt manage if placed higher. For eg.

Go several games with a 3-5 kd and your teams will get better but so will your opponents, and the SR gained should be significant.


I know the reason. It’s damage. you can only get so high with support when you are pure healing or mostly healing.

At a certain rank probably plat or so you have to start becoming a damage support. Ideally doing so without too much of a drop off in the amount of healing you can do.

When I play baptiste for instance I like to have about a 1:1 ratio of damage done vs healing done.

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Maybe the fact that you’ve played, what, 10 games on tank and 70+ on support?

It looks high because you’re not calibrated yet. Play 70+ as tank and then see where you’re at for a fair comparison.


it’s not impossible it’s just grind. And I mean a lot.
I got AGAIN back from gold to plat (because of the bs rank reset) after doing 3 placements 5/1 5/1 5/2.
What supp do you play?
Depending on it you can try different things.
For kiriko go for more aggresive flanks and be ready to teleport when you are in danger.
For baptiste you can go for flanks but not as deep as kiriko. Stay at mid range and shoot the support, dps make pressure.
For ana stay more in the back throw offensive nades, shoot dps.
All of this while still healing allies when possible.
Other than that train your aim, you are in bronze for a reason (unless you play mercy).
Another thing don’t get discouraged.In bronze your team is not really a team more a dm kind of fest everybody is doing whatever they want.A bit of aim training and general awareness will get you out of bronze.The real hell begins at gold :skull:

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People really underestimate the aim needed for supports.
Almost every support has a skill shot that changes the fight.
Ana Sleep, Valk Mercy headshots, Lucio/kiri/zen/bap headshots.
Brig needs to have rein levels of mouse 180 turns and 360 turns. Her shield angles are more punishing than reins obviously so she needs FASTER reaction time and shield management.

The difference between support aiming and dps aiming, is that dps have a larger window to hit shots and are not punished as harshly for missing

If a dps misses, they still get to shoot again.
There are times where missing on dps does mean dying or someone else dying, but not always.

If a support misses, they don’t get to shoot again most of the time.
Missing on support usually means death for the support or one of their teammates.
Landing heals or abilities to prevent a teammate from dying is the true power of a support player.
Whether it’s a heal or support dmg that kills an attacker.
On support, your mistakes are punished more than any other role.
The perfection needed to optimise a support hero is MILES above what dps and tank players need to function.

A dps could miss every shot and land 1 shot in overtime and win.
A tank could miss every shot and ultimate and still exist and contest the point while getting healed.

A support tho, if you’re missing on support, there might not even be an overtime.

It’s really unfair because supports are expected to perform sometimes 1-2 ranks above their skill division to have the same value as a lower ranked dps or tank.

Tanks can survive on positioning and awareness of the map and enemies.
Dps can spam until they accidentally get a kill.

Supports need to position well, land all their shots AND be aware of the enemies that want to kill them just to EXIST.
The pressure on supports is real


I’ve climbed out of Bronze into mid Plat playing Brig only solo queue. It’s doable if you’re good enough.

I mean, my friend doesn’t play support, but he’s been playing it recently. He’s climbed from gold to diamond, so it’s definitely possible.

From what I can tell, the ranked system works something like: Win more games than you lose > rank up. Play better than other people in your rank on your hero > rank up. If your performance matches the people in your rank, you don’t move anywhere, because as far as the game is concerned - that is where you belong. When you start improving, you start ranking up. I lost loads of games yesterday (7 out of the 8 I played). By time I had my rank change, I’d lost 8 and won 5 - a negative win ratio. Yet, I still ranked up from diamond 3 to diamond 2. I feel as though the game takes individual performance into account more heavily than it used to - try to be active all the time, and try not to die a lot.

Also, tank is the biggest carry role. It’s far easier to dictate the flow of the match as a tank, and because of that, it’s actually easier to win games on it than the other 2 roles. I’m a DPS main and I too find that I win more games on tank than DPS or support.

I climbed from Silver (decay) to Plat in 6 hours. It’s very possible.

Watch your own replays to see why you are dying and what you could’ve done better in those situations. Did you try to force an unwinnable fight instead of backing off? Do you get yourself killed while trying to heal/res out of position teammates? Do you use cover or expose yourself to damage? Do you run Supports without mobility and keep getting dove instead of switching off?

Minimizing your deaths alone will take you far tbh.

Overall the MM is a statistics game, but yeah, for solo non-hitscan support it’s pretty clearly complete and pure rng. After all, most supports enable their team. While the MM has just no concept of balanced teams at all. Enabling a bad team against a far superior one won’t make a difference when the tank is playing a ball that just stands still and shoots things from a distance lol.

Case in point: I used to be plat 1-3 before taking a break for 1 season. Now I came back and I was set at silver to start. I played horribly at first, relearning. And then I quickly climbed my way back up to plat. Then I got completely rigged matches, like 10 000 - 0 stomps literally, matches so comically unbalanced that the enemy just walked right through us every game. So at plat I lost every single game in a row, while still doing top / 2:nd best heals, good kills, and only had a few deaths.

To reward me for my performance the MM dropped me down to gold 5. There I performed even better, in most matches I had 2x more heals than the second best one while tieing for damage / kills. But again, the MM threw absolute stomps at me for some 6-7 matches in a row. Then finally I won the 5 wins and got slapped down to silver 3.

It’s pretty sad that your personal performance has no bearing on your rank.

Honestly I wouldn’t care but for 2 reasons:

  1. Our rewards are based on our position at the end of the season. Considering your final placement can be literally anywhere between low bronze and low diamond irregardless of how you perform, it’s about the dumbest idea I’ve ever seen, especially since they already did it right in OW and rewarded you based on highest rank obtained.

  2. We really need an option to hide the whole rank system in the first place. Given that your ranking is 99% up to the antics of the horrendously random matchmaker, I’m willing to bet a lot of players would have more motivation and less tilt, resulting in less toxicity and better teamplay overall if we weren’t subjected to seeing our value demeaned while our contribution rocketed sky high.

I play competitive to have full teams without leavers that at least try to play together, and to get those sweet goldy weapons. Beyond that, whatever value this trash rng-maker puts on my skill doesn’t interest me in the least. That said, I am a human being. The sense of betrayal and disappointment - and the indifference and drop in motivation that comes with it - from working twice as hard while getting your pay cut in half is going to get to anyone.

Bliz can do better. Literally anyone can.

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Oh my goodness a necro

If this happens I usually stop playing comp for 1-2 days.Try it. There is no point in going to a 15-20 loss streak just because “eh maybe the next game will be better”.It won’t lole.

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Yeahh sry about the necro. I made a few topics and they got completely ignored, and then the whole rank drop got even worse so I googled for it and found this.

And stopping playing I mean, I want the gold weapon points. Besides when I wanna play I wanna play, can’t just switch it off. :joy:

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because supports were nerfed into oblivion.
examples: rein’s swing is 5 meters. well guess what? so is AOE heals. which means 5 meters is personal heals. this means many often rarely get healed. rein can charge in an instant. stop in an instant. whereas, bap’s exo jump has to wait for blizzard support to process its request due to artificial delayed impairment of exo jump. which means its useless in critical moments. sym’s teleporter is more resilient than bap’s fragile lightbulb. no point in calling it immortality. since it rarely prevents fatality.

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Ive been trying to solo que as a support and its a miserable experience. I honestly feel like my wins and losses have little to do with my performance at all and everything to do with whether the team mates i end up with will be able to do their role if i keep them alive. Im to the point of uninstalling the game over it. Im not a great player but its beyond frustrating to feel like games are so lopsided i could have the best game of my life and it would hardly influence the outcome.

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Exactly my experience as well. It feels so discouraging feeling like i can be doing great in my role compared to other supports on both sides of the game but the incompetence of my team or the insane gap in skill means my competitive rank craters. Why they chose to base progression solely on wins and losses is beyond me. Its the most absurd way of identifying individual player skill they could use. In what world is the matchmaker working as intended or even improved since they began working on it.

I have said almost exactly the same words i had to scroll up to make sure it wasnt my post I was reading.

In my experience, it’s exactly the opposite. At low ranks, damage dealers don’t do their job and it’s often more useful to kill enemy supports by yourself (as Moira, for example).

But at high levels, sometimes it is impossible to stick your head out, because you will be killed right there. The higher I climbed, the more beneficial my healing was.

Of course, you need to help in every way, amplify, put to sleep, etc. according to circumstances.

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It’s hard to say what’s wrong. The bronze games are too chaotic. I climbed, mostly solo, from bronze 5 to diamond 5 for all the roles and for the support. It took two seasons. (I didn’t try to climb higher, maybe it would have worked, maybe not).

I have made every effort that is available to me intuitively. I didn’t watch streams, I didn’t study theory. Who contrers whom, who complements whom.

I played Brigitte and Moira. Now I’ve taken a break until next season and I’ll try Ana. And I flanked a lot for Moira, more than it was worth.

My winning percentage is about 62%.

My rank has almost never decreased. Very rarely I played with a team that formed by chance, after a successful match (it happened three times).

Maybe it’s pure luck. But I remember that it was hardest on bronze. It’s a terrible place to start, a kind of purgatory. And it is not your skill that is being tested, but your patience and determination.

You need to endure the bronze (maby silver) and it will become easier.

They made support the cuck role for being so frail and very dependent on dps