Why is GGEZ censored but not the N word?

I mean a similar case can be made for the n word.

theres just too many ways to bypass chat filters that its never worth the effort

Eh, not really. There are two words. One is a racial slur. The other is not. Pretty simple to understand.

One is a racial slur. The other is a… sexuality slur?

Both can be considered fine depending on the context.

Theres a difference in that. The N word has a different version that is only acceptable for certain people to say. Queer is actually the respectful term to use for most people now, where as the new version of the n word is still seen as derogatory if certain people say it and even many members of the black community (myself included) don’t use the word out of respect for it’s history.

And the UK and any other nation that isn’t explicitly anti-lgbt. As for the other nations, the LGBTQ+ community there are fighting much bigger battles than slurs used online.

No, I meant the n-word is two separate words that… um… not black people, conflate as one entity.

The q word legit just meant weird. People go crazy with that one for whatever reason. No idea what the obsession is.

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I agree, and every day you make that post, I will give it my support.

For yourself sure, but mute still doesn’t make the word any less offensive to a lot of people.

I wasn’t aware that if someone insulted me on chat that I had a duty beyond reporting and muting them. Should I sway them to the side of righteousness with a heart-wrenching speech?

I am not asking you to do anything. You can do as you please. But for some, mute is not enough. Don’t invalidate another experience just because it isn’t your experience.

Ah, you mean the “-a” and the “-er” right?

I would argue that the “-a” version is still a racial slur that can be considered fine depending on the context. Hence my point.

My suggestion would be to allow players to blacklist their own words to be censored in chat, to account for the fact that different people are insulted by different things.

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So… if a black person jokingly calls another black person the n-word (this word is similar to ‘bro’ or ‘dude’ in the slang from what I know) – he’s a white supremacist? This reminds me of Dave Chapelle’s comedy about ‘Clayton Bigsby, the world’s only black white supremacist’ (look it up on Youtube).

Also not to mention even though I’m white, I can’t even count how many times I was called the N word (with hard R!) in online games. Through years it transformed from a racial slur to a generic cuss word.

I genuinely cannot tell if you are trolling or serious.

I heard quite a lot of LGBT people self-identifying as queer actually. Not to mention that those gay men who were in concentration camps in Gemany during WW2 era weren’t called queer so you can’t even use a flimsy excuse “it was used by the oppressors”.

Likewise, but thats the Internet for you

People pointing out the flaws in your argument and own personal judgement in turning off chat filter doesn’t make them white supremacists.


You might see what I say as invalidating your experience but it’s the same advice I give to all my mates. I used to entertain their frustrations, getting into yelling matches and even throwing games to spite any toxic players. In the end, it just made time that was meant to be relaxing incredibly frustrating. Finally I convinced everyone to simply mute, report and just focus on having fun and frankly, I think that improved our experience.

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It should be censored at the same strength level of GGEZ

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Not my experience. Someone else. What I’ve been taught is that our world is more and more toxic, not just in Overwatch. Around the world, and towards a lot of different people. muting it helps yourself, and probably works for a lot of other people. but what about the people that feels the sting racial slurs?

OP has a point. GGEZ is insta censored. Why not the n-word?

It is censored though.

My point stands for whether it’s your experience or the OP’s.

Some guy hops onto chat, for some reason they want to rile you up, they call you names, racial slurs, tell you to kill yourself, etc. My advice, mute and report them, they should be beneath your notice, barely worth scraping off your shoe. That’s my advice while your advice is… Wait, what was your advice besides just deriding me for mine?

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