Why is every season getting worse

in terms of leavers, toxicity, smurfs/throwing/deranking etc…
i can’t go more than 3 games without one or more of these scenarios…not just on my team but enemy team too


I haven’t noticed any difference, except that there’s a lot less toxic chat than there was ~2 years ago. It’s still there, of course, but it seems to me it trended up from launch to a peak about 2 years ago and has been slowly improving. (Well, being replaced by silence ; there’s less friendly chat as well, just less communication overall).

If you’re succeeding in ranking up, remember that the higher you rank up the more toxic the players become.

Smurfs, derankers, and rage-quitters seem to be about the same as ever.


The game’s player base keeps slowly shrinking, the blizzard thinks it’s a good idea to keep splitting them up into more modes and two comps. So you end up with watered down crappy games.

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Role Queue ruined this game, i’m telling you.

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