Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State


I am happy seeing other supports being played, but now I don’t really want to play support which sucks because usually when I play anything other than support or I play an off support and the main support on the team is usually atrocious and it makes me want to switch and perhaps even switch to my main because I know I could lift the team up but that is so damn hard now with Mercy’s state.


Well yea this is to be expected.

it solved nothing.

they win nothing.


Do we know the specifics of the buff? Do we have patch notes yet?


Mercy just got buffed. The only argument to change Mercy now is that she is unfun to play for some people. If you still complain now, you’ll only make yourself seem selfish and entitled.


Also chain beams makes Valkyrie easy for people who haven’t learned the base kit and being close to the fight was also something that makes her engaging.

So single target beam juggling and prioritization, using GA to weave through dangers and feel untouchable and being close to the fights and just GA instead of free flight in general. I’d like to see Valk gone.


Valkyrie got a healing and charge rate buff.


aka mercy got healing reverted back to 60 hps on valk only and a charge buff because they broke it when removing 60 hps from main staff.


We complained about this from day 1 – when Valkyrie Mercy was first announced in the PTR. My initial thought then is that the changes makes her pocket healer/rez Mercy, and would expand her pocket duties from solely Pharah to everyone else in the roster (that was when e-rez was still instant). The consensus then is that the move is intended to move her from F-tier to OWL-worthy.

So no, we weren’t selfish then – we didn’t aspire for rank, for her to be OP, we wanted a fun Mercy right from the very start.


Just because they gave it a flat buff, doesn’t mean it solves the problem.
Valk is still a skill taking, garbage ability and it needs to burn in hell forever.


Excuse me?

Did you read ANYTHING about what I said in regards to the Ana buffs? Any of it? Would you call an Ana main selfish and entitled for saying “hey, actually, that change to her shooting through full health allies isn’t exactly going to fix much, in fact it’s kind of a bad choice’”?

It is a BUGFIX more than a buff. The nerf to her healing rate AND the fact that she can no long damage boost certain ultimates simultaneously nerfed her ultimate charge. This is a fix for that discrepancy, nothing more. 60HPS during Valkyrie is not incredibly impressive when it was her base healing that had been buffed previously to keep her in the ring. It’s a slap in the face to tell us “shut up and take what you’re given” when it’s nothing we didn’t have before!

Are you trolling?? Are you baiting? Congrats, The Shining shut off because I stopped to reply. Consider me baited, I guess.


Just keep proving my point…


Give me the bat, Wendy.


I read it, and I still consider the recent changes a nerf because the previous 60HPS base kit healing is still better than this “buff”+50HPS.


This is really pathetic. It’s your own fault if you don’t like Mercy now. I’m officially done wasting my time here.


It’s your own fault if you can’t pickup blatant movie references in an attempt to ease the tension. Bye!


Lol, hard not to pick up, you kept mentioning The Shining. :smiley:


I take it you guys aren’t overly pleased with the changes to Mercy?


I’m 31 and it’s baby’s first real horror movie! So far, unfortunately, I like the book better :x the performances are really good but the characters just aren’t what they were in the novel. Legit got up to watch the dev update though so I’ll have to go back to it another time.

uhhhhhh not to be off topic or anything. Ahem, um, see, The Shining is totally relevant to the Mercy PTR change because um… well, see, pre-rework Mercy is like the novel, okay? And she had a lot of depth to her, some mind games to play, use whatever knack for precognition you had to prepare for enemy ults, you had to stay out of room 217 line of sight, a constant, spiraling fear that terrible things were going to happen to your loved ones…

And post-rework Mercy is garbage. Simple comparison!


Yay finally a buff to Mercy fantastic, oh wait nvm it’s just to compensate for the terrible buff they just released that no one likes


This could happen with Mercy. Just saying.