Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State


Yeah, just a flat boost, not to mention it’s where she was before. No added nuance to the ultimate.

But if we keep complaining we’re just angry Mercy Main cultists amirite.


There’s nothing to complain about anymore…so yeah.


I do get your point in that simply adding the proposed de-buff would make her OP in high levels of play (aka OWL/Contenders/Open). That’s because in professional play, burst heals come from focused healing from 2 supports, the damage buff from Mercy + discord orb from Zen is powerful in pick compositions, and resurrecting backline targets when teams are not in close contact yet is powerful.

One solution could be to eliminate Mercy’s damage buff, and replace it with the proposed debuff (aka Pacify). It’s hell to balance, but do you think that would work?


This buff solved nothing.

don’t try to trick yourself. :man_shrugging:


so you are telling me that i remix is better than fissure… and fragi one of the tanks with the highest death rates is better than fissure… both of them are meh. fissure one of the 3 best main tanks and is without a doubt the best rein.


How the tables have turned…


if you kindly read the second part of that quote from titanium


it is a buff don’t complain about it


Please don’t start, dude/dudette/agendude. Didn’t I ask you to at least be considerate of folks who don’t share your opinion that she’s fine? Also, calling someone a cultist for liking a character is ludicrous.

It is the first “buff” she’s had since the rework, so I guess it’s something. Still, the buffed charge rate feels like an afterthought to how much slower she gained it thanks to her nerfed healing. Hence why I’m being a facetious turd and calling it a bugfix. And it still doesn’t change the core, thoughtless, M1 ez beams gameplay of Valk - not to mention puts her back where she was three months ago. Except it was 60hps at all times.

It’s like, some of us are asking for pumpkin pie. Blizzard just brought out some fresh warm… cherry pie.

“Well hey, we asked for pumpkin, any way we could we get a slice of pumpkin?”

God you people are never satisfied, we gave you some pie either way, didn’t we??? Just be grateful.”


Looks like they haven’t fixed the issues with her.


How about

the problems I had with mercy still persist.

so no you being toxic wont stop me or others.


Here’s some more food for thought:

Remember when they increased Ana’s clip size? Remember when they decided to let her shoot through full HP targets? Remember how lots of players seemed to agree that neither of these things actually fixed any of Ana’s core problems, namely her lack of non-CD self-heal, the surplus of shields in the game, her reliance on Sleep Dart to protect herself due to having no mobility? And it did nothing to help her out of niche, nearly F-tier status for months until the Nano buff??

I’ll bet no one told those Ana mains disappointed with the lackluster changes “it is a buff don’t complain about it” or laugh about us not seeing it as “the right buff”. I’ll bet no one told those Ana mains “she’s had her chance in the spotlight, let the other healers have a chance.”

And I certainly bet no one thought, “wow this fixes ALL of Ana’s problems!”

What’s the difference? :thinking:


No im just the type not to let bully’s control what I do or say.

They’ve said no revert yet we keep seeing reversion’s to past values on mercy so obviously that stance has changed and they said nothing about mass rez not being allowed to be reworked into a 3.0 so hey options that would solve the issue with mercy and allow her to be fun and balanced.

the things that would make mercy mains like me finally shut up like you want.

cuz you know at the end of the day.



I happen to think that she is balanced in pro-play (the nerf won’t impact how she’s played in OWL), and not balanced in other competitive modes (in OW competitive she’s played differently). Overall, this means she’s not balanced.

One way to interpret your statements (correct me if I’m wrong) is that, against our contention that Mercy is BORING because she’s EASY (mechanics-wise) you say that she’s balanced. That’s only true if we play her the way she’s played in OWL – but for majority of the players, OW isn’t a salaried position, it’s a leisure activity where we’ll play our heroes our way, not the OWL way.

GA is hard, the rest of her kit is kinda easy. Conclusion: if Mercy’s ult still requires skillful GA usage (the one part of her kit requiring real skill), personally, I’d be happy.


um… i had no intention to be toxic… i mean it is a buff although maybe not enough. if there was no buff would you he happier?


i’d be happier if they were actually tackling the problems head on instead of wasting more time.

its already been a year.


Legit pissed about the mercy “buffs”. Great I can actually heal but ONLY when I ult. Great thanks so much /s.


It’s hard to read intent over text; I also took your meaning to be a curt “stop complaining she got looked at”, which could easily strike a nerve with some people who have been hoping for her core issues to be addressed for such a long time.

Sorry to misunderstand! I’m gonna go back to watching The Shining, the only thing truly terrifying aside from a new dev update! :stuck_out_tongue:


there were a few heroes with much worse problems in that time now that those are mostly taken care of maybe they will. i personally enjoy seeing other healers being played other than mercy though.


Blizzard can’t please everyone…