Why I can not praise anyone in the game or apologize?


Things like “Sorry” or “wow! nice job” are not urgent. Type a message in chat or using your console messaging system if it means that much to you. Or, get a mic and enjoy your infinite options of things you can communicate instantly.


wat? (20 characters)


good point however it would be nice to have more ways to talk to your teammates and typing would take to long if your not a fast typer.


The message system which comes innate with the console.


I liked the old voice lines from Combat Arms.

“What are you doing!?”
“You’re a HERO!”

Ah I miss them…


Friend, did you even play overwatch on consoles? In particular, there is no the message system on ps4

Also, starting with gold, no one uses voicechat. I played a huge amount of hours on ps4 and very rarely saw someone use voicechat


Yes. Longer than I’ve played on PC, actually.

Yes, there is. Not sure how you’re even saying this since it’s such a blatant falsity.

I played from Gold to Master on PS4. Granted, it’s not every game, but there were definitely enough people using a mic to make communicating a viable option in many games.

I will admit though that it was quite a while ago.


Is this some kind of joke or trolling?

Send me a screenshot where you enter a message in the overwatch on ps4


I didn’t say in Overwatch. In fact, I quite clearly made a distinction between messaging through Overwatch and not.

Referring to in-game.




conjunction: or

used to link alternatives.

Referring to the console messaging system which is separate from Overwatch.

I don’t understand how I could have made it any clearer.


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False flagging is against ToS. You’d do well to read posts before you reply to prevent any future embarrasments.


Because they, like every other aspect of this game and multiplayer gaming in general, will be used sarcastically and/or to tilt someone for the lulz.


not realy…

played TF2 for years and not ever used a mic… played in Div 3 for god knows how long…


Mics require using voice.

There’s plenty of reasons why people may not want to actually talk.

  • They’re mute or have a speech impediment.
  • They don’t speak english that well. There’s a HUGE difference between writing english as a non-native, compared to speaking it. Speaking it, is way harder.
  • They may not be in a proper location to use voice. For example, they’re gaming somewhat later in the evening, or early in the morning, and they have family asleep.
  • They may be insecure/anxious. As someone who took years to conquer social anxiety to the point where I can finally use mics, this is debilitating. I’m not saying it’s something that needs to be embraced. Society on its own doesn’t need to accept anxiety. It’s something that needs treatment. But a little bit of sympathy would be nice. You don’t go tell someone who broke their leg to run a marathon. You give them crutches to help them along. This would be similar.
  • They may be young, or a woman, and sometimes (way too often) immediately get flamed when talking… even if what they say is valuable. If this happens, they’ll just avoid talking in the future.

Mics are cheap. Voice, however, is a whole other issue that can’t be addressed easily. Only a neanderthal would go “well then just deal with it lol not my problem”
Having a communication wheel that allows for pretty much anything to be communicated (except for toxicity, obviously), will make it more usable for everyone who can’t, or won’t, use mics, for their own personal reasons.


You can type in chat you know


There is no chat on ps4


Can you do this in the middle of a teamfight when callouts are valuable?

I can do a simple button press and a flick in a general direction when it’s a communication wheel.
Can’t type an essay. Hell, even a single word would stop me in my tracks and make me easier to kill.


yeah, but you can still make call outs but if people don’t come into voice chat they can’t hear you.

I do think the scroll wheel should be customisable. Escpecially for console.


No, a ‘Sorry’ voiceline is urgent. Many have been patiently waiting for new additions to the comm wheel since launch. They were needed 3 years ago and they’re still needed now.

I do. But the goal here is not just to make it more convenient but foster a more positive and interactive gaming experience.

And they will also be used as intended and to genuinely say ‘thanks’, ‘sorry’, or ‘nice job!’.

It’s a communication tool like text chat or a mic. You can use all of them to be a jerk, that doesn’t mean the game shouldn’t have these options to communicate.


I’ve found that there’s little time to actually do this during a game. Unless you’re using an app, which can be really slow, all you really have is the 10 seconds while you’re respawning. Why not just add it to the communication wheel? Seems harmless to me.