Why events are so boring? (excluding archives)

No questions to skins. I’ll talk about this great gamemodes for 3 or 2 yrs ! and only for events !
At start of the game were ‘weekly brawls’, which weren’t original, but it was fun to play it for a week, just like luciobal, but not for 3 yrs !
First event was ‘summer games’
Lucioball (yay, they added competitive one!), became way over boring, if they added then ana paintball and new map only for this gamemode, we got same result!
it’s fun to play for a week not for 3 yrs as i said earlier
‘hallowen terror’
Junkenstein Revenge in a nutshell: remember all coming rip-tires and bosses and get fascinating experience from shooting bots
New heroes for junkenstein revenge? It became more interesting with it right? What an interesting combos for shooting bots…
New dialouges? Whatever, if they made medieval story of heroes unrelated to lore, maybe they started to make comics during event to justify revenge every hallowen? No, eat this original content
winter wonderland
repeating myself, this gamemodes are fun for a week
((yeti hunt) keeping such attention to details, they dont changed form of junkrats trap)
chinese… or lunar ? new yr, whatever
This event is my fav! They added ctp 3 yrs ago, it is in usual arcade already, so it haven’t gamemode at all!
Peoples making gamemodes really concentrated on only one - Archives. Everything about archives gameplay is good, ofc they were making retribution for 1 yr!
What about lore in it?
Uprising telling us about uprising of robots on kings row, that grew out to second robots world war! (correct me if i made a mistake
Retribution telling us from which moment overwatch started to D I E, mass media find out about blackwatch and corruption inside of it. As i got it Reyes involved in it, he shoot Antonio
Nothing huge right, small change, we can only specalute what made Reyes? or not? That is a big problem, but ill talk about it not in this post.
One thing is bad about this gamemodes is… It is the only one i waiting for. Other events are trash in gamemodes. Is it good? I dont think so. Why they keep attention to gamemodes one time at yr? This is one of reasons why overwatch is getting old (SO IT IS BORING TO PLAY), and archives its ow birthday (for gamemodes)
no gamemodes at all, no comments
well, in total, only one event is Archives
in small packages, all events are bad in last 2 yrs


They’re just supposed to be cute little additions to the during a relevant time period. They aren’t supposed to replace the base game or even take up the majority of your playtime during the event.
I think your expectations are just misaligned with the devs ideas.

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Why are they so boring?

For me, it is because they don’t change much gameplay wise. So if the base game isn’t fun for me, the events wont change much unless it’s my first time experiencing them.
Events are recycled, with a few small changes here and there, but not enough to make them feel refreshing.

The only thing that hypes me for events anymore are the skins, and if I don’t like the skins… well, I won’t like the event.

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The events are boring to you because you expect to get a certain experience out of them, that Blizzard never will be able to deliver. Overwatch is not a single player game, it’s a competitive based team shooter. You don’t go into Counter-Strike and complain that it doesn’t have any story, do you? Well it’s the same with Overwatch. The events are a bonus, not the focus point of the game.

Totally agree with you

Because the game is a competitive multiplayer fps. Not a single player or co op game. Why put effort into that stuff when other games do it better.

i was meaning that they do not care about small gamemodes, one refreshing gamemode is archives, it is have new gamemodes every year, because if it will not, ill delete game, it will make no sense to play, only watch anime shorts

They said the lack of new content in events was because they put more resources into balancing.

All that really translated into was “We’re fixing Brig”.

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Agreed. If there’s nothing to look forward to apart from archives and recycled events, the rest of the playerbase will get tired. Blizzard really need to break the mold for this game.

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WoW has had the “same” events for just about 12 years now…theyre no different here…they are NOT supposed to be drastic changes from the game itself…just a fun different thing to do every few months…people blew them up to be something more than what they were intended to be…

archives made it worse because that IS supposed to be SPECIAL…everyone wanted more of this (understandably…its awesome)…but its not really something they can do when you consider how long it takes to even make…

and no i dont buy that people just want ANYTHING new…yeti hunt was something new…you would not be happy with a new yeti hunt caliber game with each new event…you probably play it a few times and move on…we WANT special … but thats just not something thats in the cards really…

No new event, while archives always keeps it fresh with a lore based event every year that’s different from the last.

Every new event adds nothing lorewise, and most of the arcade event modes don’t follow a great formula for a long lasting fun event and are extremely subjective.

Imho, Junkenstein’s revenge and the archive events do so well because it still keeps the core aspect of the game, has multiple difficulties, and also each has their own lore to experience while also hearing new interactions.

That’s just my theory

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