Why even release BRIGITTE next week

The issues you’re describing are ones I usually run into in comp, huh.
W e i r d. :thinking:

You practice core mechanics of her kit. You can have the best team play and communication, but if you just charged in without being familiar with her kit…you’d be a burden to your team.

OR you find a group of usual comp friends and group together to play quickplay instead of complaining about something so minuscule on the forums my dude.


Where are you getting a month from? The comp block is only a week.

Because console hasn’t gotten to touch her at all so they don’t want a bunch of trolls insta-locking her in comp with 0 seconds on her and essentially throwing just to play the new hero.


puh-leez. all it will help with is mechanical skill. it won’t help with learning proper team compositions, it wont help with learning ultimate economy, it won’t help learning counterpicking in a team setting. All of that comes with actual comp gamplay. You can’t learn that 5 dps


we console players would like to play her. :smile:


There’s a dev post somewhere saying she won’t be available for competitive until season 10


Pretty sure the point is to not have another Ana or Doomfist situation where the hero they added eventually turns out to be just a broken must pick or a broken mess of bugs.


No, that’s not it. Less than 3% of pc players even have the ptr installed.


Pick your poison here people…
People say QP is too casual and want it taken more serious. Ok well in that case you don’t add a random hero into the game mid-season. Unless the view point is that comp is QP+1 anyways so who cares. If that’s the case, why do most of the other whines about comp mater?

and lets stop with the “you can’t learn a hero in QP!!” stuff… The bulk of comp is gold and lower, they are barely even doing basic FPS level fundamentals at that level of SR, never mind anything that puts them well past what you see in QP.
Then does anyone pushing past 3k really want 100% brand new one trick Brigitte to drop right into the game and or insta-locking her for a few weeks?

The only thing I find strange about this whole issue is to see Blizzard looking to treat comp like it’s NOT just QP+1 and holding back a hero. Shows this strange dichotomy when it comes to stuff that effects comp. As they seem to over look other much more serious issues.


Are you trying to compare QP with comp?? lol You don’t learn ANYTHING in QP because its got that its qp bro attitude. You/d learn more training vs bots these days,


We aren’t going to practice her till she’s in comp. It’s that simple. QP and Arcade are wastelands that we refuse to visit. We’ll just wait. All this does it delay our enjoyment of the new hero for no reason.


So then that’s all the more reason for what I said, only now it includes PC players as well as console players. They don’t want idiots jumping into comp day 1 and ruining everyone’s matches.

Beacause she is ready to be realeased and it gives players chance to practice as her before going into comp

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that makes no sense, if you were correct then we would simply find out she’s a broken must pick at the beginning of season 10, whats a month in quickplay gonna prove? Heck I don’t even play quickplay I only play comp and occasionally arcade, I won’t learn jack about Brigette until shes in comp


Smurfs in comp - OK
New hero in comp at release - clearly gamebreaking



No, seriously. They exist.


as I said, the bulk of comp is not even plat, the cut off for what I would say is is average. Once you drop lower and hit that 50% cut off that is gold you run into a crushing break down of even core FPS fundamentals.
Some sub 2.5k player going “I can’t learn in QP!!”?
It would be like someone getting a new snow board and being unable to make it down the beginner run on the tow line going “Yeah I need to get this into a 22 foot Olympic half pipe to REALLY know how it performs”…

Really? How about you practice grouping up and focus fire with brigitte in QP first. Maybe figure out target priority and moving around cover and decent ULT econ? Ya know stuff you don’t need comp for, at all.

Leaving, again as I said, only those of us who have been 3k+ and does anyone at that SR want 100% new one tricking brigitte players mid season? I’m thinking no…


Oh that’s strange. Wonder why they’re doing that

Okay, if they released her next month than you won’t be able to use her in comp for a month after that release. They’re actually doing something they should have been doing before with other hero releases and delaying how long she can be used in comp so other people can get a chance to practice with her before she’s in comp, but also so that they can see if she needs any balancing tweaks before they add her into comp.


I don’t even know. The game is already moving at a glacial pace with the incredibly slow updates and balance changes. Now we cant play a new hero for two months? Ridiculous.