Why doesn't Overwatch have a loss prevented system?

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Ah, so I’ve thought about this issue before.

All they need to do is make it so that if you have a disconnect, make it so you lose the normal amount of SR for coming back and losing.

And you gain 0 SR of you win or draw.

It’s not ideal, but it promotes good behavior, and doesn’t spoil matches for the other 11 players involved.


This has been answered by Blizzard before:

I understand the system they have now. I’m just curious as to whats stopping them from implamenting a system that is already in place across multiple competitive games, when it’s obvious that the player base is annoyed by the current system.

Because they know EVEN MORE players are annoyed when they have a leaver on their team.

Im not talking about leavers. A loss prevented system is specifically for when there are a mass number of connection issues at a given time and has been flagged by the games support team. (Like today) I opened a ticket and the support guy I was messaging said it was a known issue and more information would be up on the BlizzardCS twitter shortly. What im saying is if they know (which they do) that there is an issue, why not have a loss prevented system in place, or take ranked down entirely until they figure out whats going on?

Because this would incite players to play during times of “mass player issues” and could fake a disconnection, manipulating their skill rating unfairly

No one gets SR though lol. Loss prevented stops rating changes on the spot. At least thats how it works in League and no one has ever had a problem with it that Ive seen on their forums. Because about an hour after those people who got loss prevented are out of games ranked goes down until they adress the issue. Blizzard knows theres an issue right now but they keep letting people who don’t know about it hop into a competitive match. Hence the influx of give me my SR posts on the forums right now.

How about, if competitive is having a problem with mass disconnects, shut down the queue? Or even shut down games in progress “We’re sorry, the competitive Overwatch servers have detected a major connection issue affecting many people. The match will end in 10 seconds. Your SR will not be affected by this match.”

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And before you say it, the arguments going to be. “Isn’t that unfair to the team that won the match?” But if you feel entiled to SR after winning a 6 vs 4 because of server issues, than theres a deeper problem going on.

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I mean honestly, the servers are having a lot of problems lately. If you don’t implement some kind of fix people could actually start getting banned over this. People are going to feel like they have to check the forum to see there aren’t any “don’t queue for comp” threads before they even consider playing.

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Exactly. Thats pretty much what LoL does but even better, because league makes you finish out the match. You should be hired by Blizzard right now good sir.

I think there should be a loss prevention for un-grouped team members of ragequitters and such. Have lost so many games because one or more people quit. I should not lose SR because i lost a 2v1 game.

Yeah the problem being you could have people duoed up someone on an alt account and when ever the match is about to lose the alt account just dips out so they cant do that. But an early surrender vote honestly would be so nice if you have a rage quitter.

That is why I said “ungrouped” team members. If you are in a duo or 3-6 stack and a member of your group quits, you do not get the benefit of the loss prevention.

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Unfortunately most mass disconnection issues (DDoS attacks, node shutdowns, etc.) don’t affect the entire community of the region. In most cases, it only affects a small (but noticable) portion of the community. What you are asking is players to be cheated out of their win. Its not fair and would make Overwatch less attractive to play. Sorry, but I know that will never happen.

There are systems in place for direct server issues (which happens extremely rarely), where the development team will turn off Competitive mode. However, rarely do they switch off Competitive for reasons like this.

I can tell you without a doubt it was noticable today.