Why doesn't Brigitte look like she did in the cinematic?


Now she just looks like a slight variation of Mercy. She has lost her freckles and other features.


The freckles are still there, just harder to see, that, and the models in game vs cinematic models are slightly different by comparison


in general i think the game model is lower in number of polygons which is why it’s a bit expected they’d look a bit different. that being said, in the case of brigette, it’s too different :frowning: she looks a bit too much like mercy


That is a good question that i even ask myself


For the same reason she doesn’t look like she does in the comic. It’s called lack of consistency and desire to make female characters as pretty as possible can’t have any deviation from the Disney princess look, EVERY GIRL MUST LOOK SUPER PRETTY!!! NO DEVIATIONS!! ALL DEVIATIONS WILL BE KILLED!!


I’d rather have in-game Brigette, even if she looks like a copy paste of most of the women. The cinematic Brigette looks like a 16 year old on steroids.


for what you said they made mei fat and zarya ugly and messed up moiras hair.
video games =/= real life
No problem with everyone being gorgeous in my opinion it just make characters more popular .


Hasn’t the Mercy = Brigitte thing already been debunked? Someone showed different angle comparisons and their facial compositions are quite different. Sure it’s nothing more than Blizzard using the same base model for all female characters which they then tweak, some more than others?


I…cannot even express how wrong you are


Weren’t Mei and Zarya added in after getting a lot of crap for how the women looked? Mei’s concepts are almost all gangly “gamur guuurrll” looking.

Also they’re both beautiful and add some actual variety, which is awesome!


Yeah mei original concept was a fit woman but they changed her so people wouldn’t complain.

people destroy everything good in this world.
original mei concept :


Overwatch has some of the most diverse females I’ve seen. A soldier who’s lost an Eye, a Gamer, a body-builder, a scientist, a pilot, a climatologist, and now a paladin


I’m sorry you feel that way, but I love my chubby chilly girl.

In a game where the men get to have vast differences in shape why should all the women be skinny with too long legs and little baby torsos? And topped off with baby faces so 40 year old women look 19?


mei already looks 18 in the game idk what you talking about. enjoy your 0.5% pickrate hero.

btw mei is exactly same as original concept in form of height the only difference is that the mei we have right now is fat and the original one wasn’t.


I don’t even play Mei, I have like 1 hour on her out of 600. Additionally, I don’t think her youthful face itself is an issue. It’s the combo of everything making them all one very specific visual that’s an issue.

Mei breaks conventions already being fat, so IDC if she looks 19. Especially with a cryofreeze backstory.


OR… perhaps they wanted to ensure a greater variety of character silhouettes. If everyone has the same shape, they start to get difficult to distinguish in battle.

But then again you were complaining about Brigitte’s voice, too, so clearly you have lofty standards…


The men in this game all look the same in terms of build. They just have different heights. With the exception of the unrealistic ones like junk/hog/rein.


People can legitimately tell the difference?

They both have that same doe-eyed, button-nosed, round-cheeked, Glen Keane Blizzardgirl sameface that every other Overwatch female character has.


“They’re all the same except these 7 people”. Don’t forget Zenyatta, who the devs have gendered as male.

Jokes aside, I don’t agree. Some are similar (Soldier and Reaper) but if you look at them they have different shapes. Partially because of the clothing but it still means a different shape. Reaper has very broad shoulders and a tiny waist while Soldier is boxier all over (butt included lmao).

And that’s just bodies. Looking at their faces they all look wildly different, AND they’re allowed to look their actual ages. Ana looks 40 at best and she’s older than Reinhardt, Mercy and Mei both have convenient reasons to look 19 at 40. Soldier has scars and stubble and a distinct jaw, while Torb has an entirely different face shape and size and such. The women more or less have same shape, same face, same height.

The men and the women in this game look like they’re from different genres.


all the models in this game are unique. the only ones that look the same are pharah and ana and they are daughter and mother. i agree though brigitte looks a little bit like mercy but i don’t see a problem with that.