Why does overwatch have to be the apple of hero based games

Title is prolly weird but what I’m saying is why is there no map or hero bans. Every other game that’s similar to overwatch has them, siege LoL etc for good reason. Maybe it’s different not in gm but games are so incredibly repetitive and boring I get closer and closer to just wanting to quit this trash game. 80% of the time in any given game there’s a pocket hitscan. As if hitscans and mercy aren’t already overtuned they’re literally every game and you get forced to do the same mind numbing counter hitscan bs every game. Where as on tank zen, sombra, sym, Ana and mei make it absolutely abhorrent any game. I am a gm tank main and have been gm since season 4 of overwatch one so yea I’m decent on tank and every time I see a zen or a sombra I want to just leave the game instantly and most the time I do those two specifically make tank near unplayable since every tank in the game gets countered by those two leaving the entire game up to your dps to to carry you while you just try to not die. Also hero bans would endorse a more flexible style of play instead of letting people get to gm while only knowing how to play one hero which I feel like is a complete undermine of any other flexible player and just a cheap way to play the game when for instance League makes you have 30 heroes. Lastly for map bans that could bring back 2cp bc while yea probably like 90% of the player base hates the mode some people like it including myself so having map bans could bring back that mode for occasional games, also junkertown is such an awful map. In sum map and hero bans make perfect sense for the type of game overwatch is considering other similar games have them and they receive much less hate on balancing, and also I just desperately want map/hero bans since every time I get junkertown or see sombra and zen while I’m on tank or a pocketed soj/ash I get closer and closer to just uninstalling this game. But I doubt many people would agree with this change since like 70% of the player base one tricks and overwatch would hate to make mercy players learn a second hero

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Heh… Personally I don’t see it as a bad thing to be the apple of games…


At least something that dps can be useful about in this game :grin:
Playing dps w/o mercy pocket is the same feeling as you have described playing tank into zen/mei/sym. You feel like you have no opportunity to peek or flank, everything is just expected. It forces you just to do cheap damage or exist somewhere aside to not bother your team from carrying you.