Why does Blizzard reward the Trash Players?

There are people who run at the start of team fights or even before they happen.
Then these trash cans proceed to runaway for 30 seconds while their whole team is already dead. Then they die knowing they just waste a total of about 75 seconds.
You want to say that I’m the reason that we should lose and I deserve the same MMR as they do because they don’t shoot anything in a shooting game and all they do is run away or heal-bot where no one is missing any health.
Worse thing is these dumpsters want to tell you that you’re wrong and that sitting there never peaking the enemy and not shooting anything is how you climb. Since their IQ is so low they can’t even multi-task and do their role because they’re so focused on clarifying their trash way to play is how you climb.
Your game is trash and everybody hates you; Return the game to 6v6

Few tips

  • Make a team
  • Make a team
  • Play with friends with a plan
  • Use comms, discuss stuff in the initial start of the match where possible
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Agreed it does help a lot, solo que is garbage. Not the fact it’s 5v5 now, and sometimes you need to switch it up, certain characters have certain counters. There is also the teamwork aspect. I just got out of a few comps In bronze 1 with a friend as a healer. The first comp had a three stack that didn’t come to voice chat so we could call people out and tell them where they are, (since controllers are hard to move and ping at the same time) and then at the end of the first round the Sigma started to blame me and my friend for not healing while his 3 stack was rushing to the front door of their spawn and immediately dieing. Second comp there was a three stack of trolls that thought it would be funny to stand outside the objective building… Not the zone, the WHOLE building, and start shooting through cracks. So basically for some reason everyone forgot how to play an objective based game that relies heavily on communication, your only hope is to get a 5 stack. Good luck!

Talk about toxic. Maybe you should just go play something else for a bit.