Why do you keep playing genji against brig?

Why do you keep playing genji against brig? just curious

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I would assume it’s because the player likes Genji.
Question is why would they not if they like that hero ?


Because Genji is the best dps in the game? And just because a hero is playing against something which naturally counters them, doesn’t mean they can’t outplay their counter.


Because for Genji mains, Genji should be the perfect hero with no counterpicks or bad match-ups because something something skillful something something mobility.


because hes the best dps in the game?

Genji can play into one counter alright as long as he stays away from her. It does bug me, though, when they try to do it vs. a few of them at the same time. Genjis do seem the most likely to insist on that regardless of how he’s balanced.

Brig is useless unless in Rally mode or in bash distance.

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Genji is supposed to be playable in all scenarios and compositions against all teams with no counters and if he’s not then he’s underpowered and useless and anyone who contests him in the slightest needs to be nerfed


Brig is in every decent game you play. So if you want to play Genji you have to accept that she will have 100% pickrate

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Genji’s pickrate is higher than Brig’s though

Something something something.
If something something was to something something, then somethings just something something something ice cream something.

Now that’s something to thiink about here.


Which is saying something, considering there’s more DPS compared to supports.

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