Why do the developers ignore feedback?

This is my first post ever so bear with me.
I’ve been playing this game since the day of release and followed balance changes/ bug fixes etc… Very closely.

However now as we’re past the games 2nd birthday it seems to me that the devs have stopped caring about what their player base has to say all together.
Bastion, sombra, mei, symmetra, torb and now mercy players and many more are being ignored and I just don’t know what to think of this.

You can not tell me that they are too busy to communicate with their fans. Why is it that mercy posts are deleted or locked for example? Why is it that most of the balance change suggestion post (not only mercy) receive a copy pasta from a Dev and that’s it?
Where is the communication? I’m not trying to criticize anyone here, I’m just genuinely confused and want to understand why we can’t have our questions, concerns, suggestions etc… Handled and addressed better.


Ignoring and balancing are two different things. What we as a community want doesn’t mean it’s best for the game.


Merely giving feedback doesn’t entitle you to have your feedback implemented.


There could be a number of reasons:
1: They care more about the e-sports scene and what the pros want
2: They won’t admit to their mistakes or even acknowledge it hence threads being ignored
3: They’re too scared to post something that might further upset the OW community so they are staying silent.
4: ???

Honestly, I dont know why communications have been so bad now. But those are my guesses.


Lost in translation…


Well the forums can be pretty hostile and toxic at times so I can understand why the devs dont want to come here all that much. But then again I also think that if they had someone dedicated to spend some time with the community the overall atmosphere could be better.
Like a bridge between the devs and the forums. Yes I know Tom is lurking around and some other mods as well. What we need is someone interacting with us and giving at least a bit more the feeling that Blizzard is listening.

We had many threads to several heroes with feedback and complaints but we will never know if any of that reaches the devs. With a person giving some of that feedback to the Overwatch team and telling us what they think about it could help a lot.

I agree with you. I just wish they would communicate more with us about their plans, opinions and insights etc… You know?
After all its us who pay for their game and play it. I think we deserve to know more than this. Sometimes it feels like were left in the dark a little bit

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is your feedback only positive and does it praise them?

If not then you may have your answer

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That’s not my point though. What I was trying to get at is that the devs need to interact with us more and actually give their opinions on our posts such as balance changes, hero suggestions etc…

they do answer but not all the time. there is so much feedback it’s stupid if we think they should answer most of it. they said that they don’t find a lot of the threads worthy enough to give their feedback on them and that’s fine tbh.

I think if the devs listened to a lot of what the community says then the game would be a horrible mess

Because the mercy rework wasn’t a horrible mess? :^)

How does a new forum member knows the state of the forums and who gets ignored and whatsoever, that’s what intrigues me.


You don’t have to have an account to be able to read posts :blush:


Spending a year reading forums without making a single post sounds like an impossible case, if I may be honest.

Maybe because of the reason stated above? If I’m not gonna be heard why even bother?
However that doesn’t stop me from reading other peoples posts, opinions

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you really don’t know blizzard? the only way they are going to say anything, is either ready to be released, or might hurt the company (as in PC stuff)…, or theres something broken, or huge gamebreaking bug.
blizzard is not comunicating in any of their games, it’s nothing new.
EDIT: oh and yea, they will say something if loot boxes have been made illegal and voted by a government to classify them as gambling (its hurting the game, as i mentioned).

This place here is for players to converse with other players first and foremost. Devs reading and writing is a choice of their own, they are not obligated to.

You and I are here not to be heard by no one else but each other.

Account suspension is my guess but I may as well be mistaken. Still, someone being very familiar with the forum’s state ( that is like for how long, over a year ? ) from the very first post does not add up, just saying.

I wish they communicated more, but are you really surprised they don’t, when any attempt to do so is met with a ton of indignation from some people on the forums and a ton of spam that’s in no way related to the topic they were responding to?

More importantly though, I do want to point out one thing: the forums are not actually a realistic indicator of what the opinion of the playerbase is. It’s the vocal minority phenomenon.

If you think a hero you like is in a bad spot, or that there is a problem with a hero in the game, you’re much more likely to go to the forums and make a post about it. You don’t see many posts here saying “I think the game is in a good state”, do you? That’s not because that opinion doesn’t exist, there’s just not much motivation to express it.

I’m not saying none of the positions that are expressed on these forums are valid and widely held, that’s obviously not the case. All I’m saying is… take them with a grain of salt. :smiley: And try to judge the opinion of the player base at large from the game more than from the forums themselves.

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You make a great point and I agree. Although the forums are not the only way for devs to voice their take on certain things.
YouTube videos, podcasts, news and alike could be easily done so the players could feel more connected with the devs and the state of the game.
Because you know… Ptr is pretty much just a showroom anyway. They don’t take feedback from there either

I can’t argue with that :smiley: Hopefully we get a new Developer Update when Busan goes live.

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yea but the backlash was even worse tbh…