Why do so many players want mmr reset?

Insults? No, just observations. Good luck with whatever you’re trying to do here. :grinning:

RE: boosting/smurfing

I don’t see how this is hard to say. Someone paying a GM player to boost their account is much less likely to do it every 3 months than once. Likewise for someone sandbagging placements. It would make both of these activities more work for a shorter payoff. Oh, and those high end players would be spending time climbing instead of boosting people or smurfing into Bronze.

RE: Feeling placements were based on placements

If a player had throwers and leavers in their placements, they may indeed blame those as a factor. But there’s no denying that the placement record and the starting SR would make perfect sense. Contrast this to folks going 1-9 into Master or 8-2 placing into sub-1000 Bronze. Current placements have almost no impact on SR compared to previous season SR.

RE: Perceived SR fairness

Why? Because you say it is? At best, you’d need to put some serious qualifiers on that statement. At worst, it’s pure speculation.

RE: Toxicity

People care a lot about losing SR right now because it is lost permanently. They are always going to care about a thrower, but I believe in most cases it would bring the tension down a little. Zarya getting her Grav eaten by DM could be dismissed as a good play by the Dva instead of drawing the wrath of Zarya’s entire team over a minor mistake.

I get upset with myself when I lose at poker, because I have to work to get that money back. I get a lot less upset when I lose at Apex, because there’s nothing at stake that isn’t meaningless 30 minutes later.

RE: Placing

I’ve been around since beta. Season 2 was not nearly as bad as you’re making it out to be. A lot of the adjustment was that it was an entirely new rank system from Season 1.

They also didn’t do what I am suggesting. They did something quite different (and not that unlike what they do now), and that crapshow is still a factor in ranks that people hold today because the system was built on those ranks.

RE: Defending the status quo

[quote] Actually, I’m arguing against what I see as a detriment to an already flawed system. And I’m not making suggestions because I honestly don’t know how I would fix the current system. I’m not smart enough to go “Ah, this is what we need!” But I am smart enough to listen to the devs and take evidence and apply it to your suggestion and realize “Yeah, I don’t think this’ll work as well as you think it will.”

You’re basically asking for every season to be a repeat of season 2. It would be an absolute disaster. And once again I am forced to refer to this video. Listen very carefully at the point when Mercer is talking about Season 2 changes. It’s only a few seconds after the timestamp.[/quote]

I’ve seen the video. You’re repeating what he said like it’s gospel. It’s an offhand comment that isn’t even relevant to our conversation aside from you mischaracterizing my suggestion as being identical to Season 2.

They could easily distribute the SR more reasonably than it was in Season 2 based on what I’m suggesting. Even moreso if an actual dev took the idea and ran with it.

Bottom line is that placements can easily be made to matter a lot more than they do now (i.e. a soft reset), if not a full blown hard reset. We don’t get it because devs and high-end players create a feedback loop that keeps things as they are.

So a small percentage of a fraction of the playerbase gets catered to because they are very hardcore and very vocal. Meanwhile, most other players (even some of them high end, vocal, hardcore players) have moved on to other games.

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In reference to boosting specifically, you’re probably right. But smurfs would still be a think. They would purposefully STILL play poorly during their placements to place low just to eat up the lower ranks afterwards. In fact, you’ve made it EASIER for that to happen because if they climb too high then they can just wait utnil the next seasons. This is why I said “Maybe.”

If you go 1-9 and still place masters that is because your Ranked MMR (not SR) still believes you are in Masters. But a FRESH account played by that same player cannot hit Masters from placements alone. They’re usually around diamond/plat level and have to climb back up.


There are the qualifiers.

SR is permanent? Wut? If I lose one game and win the next, then I’m pretty much back where I was. Maybe I’m just not understanding the statement correctly. Possible. I’m in a rush with this post 'cause I gotta leave as soon as I’m done.

I would still argue that it would change the kind of toxicity or even increase it as each game played is even MORE important than it is now to your overall rating.

Yeah. You’re asking for the bell curve to go from a slight squeeze (which was S2) and turning into a flat plane. Just like Mercer mentioned?

Do you honestly believe that Blizz has never considered that exact situation? That they’ve never sat down and asked themselves about the possibility of a reset and how they could do it? Especially with how often people complain about it?

You’re asking to remove MMR data at the end of every season. A fresh slate for everyone. That’s literally the definition of a hard reset. There would be no match making based on how you performed in previous seasons/games.

If you’re saying just do it for SR and keep MMR then… that’s just as pointless. Match maker in comp doesn’t care about your SR. It looks at your MMR. That’s why someone that has decayed from High masters down to Diamond will STILL get placed with high masters players, because their MMR is high masters.

Everyone gets screwed. The top players constantly have to fight their way back up to the top, while the bottom players might get lucky and get placed higher than they deserve only to fall back to where they were over the course of the season and that’ll just feel even worse. The people that only do their placements and call it a day would be the only ones to benefit.

Jeff Kaplan already stated that within 15 games you will reach your true MMR. 10 of those would be placement matches and 5 are probably fine tuning it. So even with a MMR reset after placements and a few games people will be where they belong. So, just let resets happen.

correct, which is why i am NOT going to give them another dime.

This happens anyway because you will see Top 500 players who have de-ranked all the way down to Bronze, taking who knows how many people down with them if they are doing it solo or in a Group of less than 6 people.

Bought a 2nd account 2 Christmases ago, 2nd account is STILL over 1.5K higher in ranking. So no, that would not always be the case. I just don’t have as many Achievements nor Skins as my first account, other than that I play the same Heroes the same way but in a higher rank.