Why do people think tanks are getting buffed? 5v5

I still have a hard time seeing tanks like WB or Hog being viable without some sort of change that allows them to block or mitigate incoming damage like shield tanks or Dva with her Defense Matrix.

Yes. One less tank.


puts down bleach bottle a blue post speaking to us directly without hostility or threatening suspension?!



I like this reply as this is something I dearly missed, feedback from the team that shows you guys at least heard us.

This is the thing, I don’t really doubt that the game could be fun with 1 tank. What I doubt is the aftermath when players will have played it. As I said in a reply in this thread, my doubts comes from the fact that, in the past, things have been tweaked by how “fun” they were to play against. This means that if it’s judged not fun to play against a tank that has a lot of utility or has “more freedom to flex between having an offensive impact and being a defensive bulwark for their team” I fear that this will be nerfed and that the tank role will be left in the dust once more. I feel like making sure something is fun to play as is as important if not more in some scenarios.


Apparently forum guy believes he knows more about OW2 than one of the people actually playing OW2.

I understand where your feedback is coming from. It remains to be seen how removing cc and utility from certain Damage heroes will impact the perceived “fun-ness” of those abilities being used by Tanks and Supports in the future. That’s a fair concern and one that we’ll be paying close attention to as we develop OW2.


Are the playtests taking into account new heroes as well? I personally think it would be a bit odd to fully balance the game around the current 32 heroes, only to need to further rebalance once new heroes like Sojourn have been implemented.

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Without going into detail…



Thank you so much for responding to the many questions players have.

I know everything is kind of in a state of flux. I would just like to ask that the tanks/brawlers will be fun to play as subjective that is. That individual self reliance you spoke of, gives me a bit of hope.

If tanks are enjoyable the there would be a growth of a steady dedicated tank player base, which would help with queue time and the need for Priority Passes.


Will we ever see the possibility of major reverts to abilities that were nerfed in Goats?

Example: D.Va defense matrix length?


You should not, under any circumstance, be buffing the damage of any tank. Having 225 hit points and getting one shot by tanks currently in the game is ridiculous and should not be carried forward.

Blizzard has already been making heroes more self reliant by buffing out their weaknesses . There’s really no point in roles if that’s the direction they want to take. In essence you are making everything DPS like with a slight twist.

Yeah the post from Blizzard seems to re-iterate the idea that they are indeed making the game much more DPS focused. Since when did OW players start asking for more speed and flanking over what we have now? That’s crazy IMO, the game is already a disorganized mess. Adding is some cover to the maps and making the tanks more DPS focused isn’t going to fix that.

It would have been trash because the game was originally designed with open points to encourage teamwork with your tank. Remove either component and you aren’t playing overwatch anymore. There are thousands of other FPS games they rely on natural cover, few did what overwatch used to.

Is that even a factor though if CC is being nerfed across the board?


Judging by the current state and direction of the game I’d say that’s plausible.

as someone who is extremely cautious of 5 vs 5 and having to be a solo tank this is a great reply, time will tell if everything works but now 5 vs 5 makes more sense even if i am still cautious

In response to the flank style being more potent. Obviously without giving to much away. Do certain characters have a easier time dealing with long range attackers because the decrease in tank presence? A common issue I see throughout the ranks is long range reigning supreme because the resources needed to engage on a hero like widow is a huge gamble and some cases not a option. Most would have to send a tracer or a ball to deal with it. Having to give up sightlines because of this pressure can be infuriating as you may feel helpless with no option other than to convince your team to counter. With that said I did see the maps on the PVP livestream provided more cover than usual. While adding more corners and curves to the map to add natural obstructions. On top of that, Is this a design philosophy the team will use moving forward? (I can see how this obstructions and chokes could benefit tanks enforcing space and blocking sidelines as well reducing chaos as a whole)

Thank you for your time. As my post is a bit wordy. I’m a avid Overwatch player since beta and I like to to focus on the game objectively and not a similar style to a rage induce rant filled on why doom is bad because I got oneshot. I would know I play Ana in Gm :stuck_out_tongue:


I want everyone to clearly see this

To those of you who said “there are no tanks in OW2, the role is being removed, they are just fat DPS” that quote is for you. Quit living in fantasy land


It’s a mark of intelligence to acknowledge what you don’t know.

The number of people making demands on what should and shouldn’t happen without even knowing what 5v5 feels like, playing any of the new maps or ever designing a game is remarkable.


First of all, thanks for taking the time to actually talk to us, me and im pretty sure plenty of others appreciate it. However, i would like to mention a few things that came up to my mind.

Reinhardt’s core is his defensive capabilities. He already feels weak as of now, dont take tankyness away from him. Let the players at least have 1 or 2 tank choice that are traditional tanks and are very good at protecting their team.

Reinhardt’s 1600 HP shield already melts in like 2 seconds, reducing that even more…im sorry but that is just a bad decision, unless you guys are willing to nerf damage across the board by a significant amount (i would say about 30%, especially on burst damage). 1 tank will not be able to hold out against the current damage values, simply because its designed with 2 tanks in mind, not 1.

On a little off topic tho:

  • Just wondering, are you guys aware, that Brigitte is in a very bad place in every rank outside of Top500? Can we expect significant changes to her in order to make her playable on a wider range of ranks?

And most importantly out of everything. Give something back to Mercy so she is able to make plays. Get rid of the boring Valkyrie and give her mass rez with a line of sight and a casting time,even better if the range is expanding the longer you hold Q…it can be balanced i promise.


It just won’t happen but even if it does then we are back to nobody wanting to play tank again because why would you? :woman_shrugging:

I don’t know, have to see how it plays out. If tanks are close range dps with utility, they might not be so onerous to play, though…one wonders why we have role queue in OW2 if everything is going to be a variation of dps.

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