Why do people think tanks are getting buffed? 5v5

Yah pretty much. Barriers break so quickly then you are melted. Gonna be super fun when you are the sole tank…

As someone who exclusively plays quickplay classic (open queue) or arcade, this is a very concerning answer :cold_sweat:

(But i am insanely grateful you answered it best you can though, been wondering for months now)

Just to manage expectations: don’t read too much into my answer. It shouldn’t be taken as an indication that anything is or isn’t changing with these game modes.


And dey say… you must be joking :cry:

I’m assuming this is the new version of Doom.

I’m excited to see what they’ve done with him actually.

It’s been clear that with a game like Overwatch where we’ve been playing for 5 years and we still can’t predict how the smallest changes will cascade to alter the meta, no one will be able to predict what 5v5 will feel like.

Can’t wait for heroes like rein to have more offensive options, but being unable to use them, because they get obliterated without an offtank. I don’t even see how you could charge offensively in OW2’s environment, since you already mostly can’t in OW1.

I hope those things are being taken in consideration when nerfing the defense of tanks. Two healer and the off-tank is already often not enough to prevent a MT from exploding. I don’t see how removing the off tank (which provide a lot of protection), and making tank be worse defensively going to make them survive better.


I’m going to refer back to this paragraph in my first post:

Additionally, the aforementioned ability of supports to better focus on keeping a single tank alive will have an impact on this.


I appreciate it. Though if a tank limit is necessary for open/qpc, i would propose using the “hero limit” mechanic that older arcade modes or some custom game uses.

Essentially you can have as many dps/healers as you want but only one tank (or two?) per team. And if someone switches off tank, the spot re-opens for anyone of the team.

I assume this wont stop some people from sticking to the tank role or their favorite hero (as open/role is kind of about being able to do that or play rock paper scissors with the enemy like tf2) but in a more organised team it would allow someone to switch off if they wanna try something else with a hard counter and open the spot for someone else who has a different idea/plan with a different tank they are better at.

Don’t know if you can answer, but when you playtest OW2, is the performance better than OW1?

Performance, min-specs, etc is not something we’re talking about yet. We’ll certainly have more information on that in the future.


I’m not sure what you are exactly able to do, but wouldn’t it be better to have a beta of some sort or have an exp patch with what’s currently being run, that way more of the community could give feedback

also, will 6v6 still be a playable mode? idk I think its kindof a waste to just completely trash what has been used for the past 4-5 years

Tbh, the way I’d deal with that is leave Brig/Sombra mostly as-is.

  • Mei Freeze+Headshot, gone
  • McCree Flash+Fan, gone. (Replaced with a brief Hack or Sleep equivalent)
  • Sleep Dart minimum duration, 0.5sec, instead of 1.5sec
  • AntiHeal 50% effective
  • Hack, blocked by current offtank defence abilities
  • EMP doesn’t destroy shieldhealth
  • Tanks get some sort of anti cc passive, (perhaps including all forms of CC except grapples/roots/slows.)

Avoids the whole can-of-worms of needing to nerf flankers a lot.

Additionally, Brig/Sombra don’t really affect much besides the highest skill tiers. So they are only really relevant at skill tiers where flankers are dominant.

Mei/McCree by comparison, are “annoying CC” that affects all ELOs, and they have kill combos off of it.

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What if role lock was removed, in a way? Instead of locking in ur role be4 the match, u would have to fill in each role at the character-picking start of the match. There would be 2 slots for DPS and Healer with 1 Tank slot. Everyone would have to fill in each of these slots. This would keep the 2-2-1 lock, however remove long queue times. The main issue with this idea is u can easily have the role u wanted taken away. Otherwise, this would remove the queue times and keep the 2-2-1 that the team wants. I’m honestly not too sure of this idea, but u can at least take this into consideration.

Thanks for this in-depth post and your many other responses, sorry to ask more of you but I do have a big question for someone with 5v5 experience:

Do tanks in 5v5 still feel like the tanks in 6v6?

I find tank gameplay very enjoyable but also unique, possibly even main thing that sets OW apart from it’s competition. Tanks dynamic defensive power, disruptive threat and raw combat presence is why I play the game. As a result I’m concerned that 5v5 fundamentally changes the general feel of tank gameplay. Even if it’s a fun change I don’t want to lose what we’ve got.

Does 5v5 reworked Dva, for example, feel like a reworked Dva or more like a whole new hero? With utility, defenses and combat power shifting around have the heroes lost some of their core character and style? Are main stay strats like Rein deathball fundamentally changed or even destroyed when you lose the Zarya? In fact how can Zarya work as a solo tank while still being Zarya? While I have no doubt the role is still fun has it fundamentally shifted in playstyle and tempo?

Ultimately what are we looking at here, a recognizable rework, a whole new role or something in-between? How different does it feel?

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The recent communication is much appreciated, please hang around!

Can you comment on this in relation to the common complaint about the matchmaker where players are matched against vastly stronger individual opponents? I think it’s a valid concern that this change raises the risk of steamrolling.

Sounds like heal slaves, lol.


Can you confirm whether burst damage is being addressed in order to make this possible? In the current environment, we’ve got videos of a Rein dropping his shield for firestrike (from full health) and dying in the time he finishes the fire strike animation.

With burst damage being able to chunk so much, even if you have 2 healers, my guess is the concentrated fire of the enemy team would mow you down pretty quick, especially with things like Hanzo storm arrow, Mcree fan the hammer, Widow headshot, etc.

Can you talk to us at all about what’s being done to make it so burst damage is more in-line?


This concerns me slightly. The way it’s emphasized, like “Doom, Ball, and MAYBE Tracer”

If anyone is an issue with hypermobility, it is Tracer first and foremost. Doom and ball are Mobile, sure, but Tracer has the added bonus of dealing extreme chunk damage and having a tiny stick-thin hitbox.

She’s been DPS meta for literal years. So it’s troubling to me that she only MIGHT be a problem of hypermobility.


Just got back from a movie, was shocked to see this thread having more activity. While you are right that I am apprehensive about this change, I do thank you for taking to time to properly explain the philosophy behind it. :+1:

They’ll be deleting it, lol.

Flexing that OW2 playtester status :rofl: . I’m jealous and sad now…