Why do i get laggy games so often now on PS4?

I never had any problems for over a year. Even when i lived somewhere else with horrible internet. But lately i’ve been getting laggier games with those yellow cubes in the top left of my screen. Even though i’ve moved to another place and now i have great glass fibre internet. What’s up?

Idk I get lag as well sometimes, and I just recently got a new computer and I’m also on fiber internet =\

I believe that PS online does not have dedicated servers for hosting, it uses a peer-to-peer system which means that one player at random is picked as the host of the match, and if you are far away from the host you will notice more lag.

I don’t believe this is true. Some games have a peer to peer connection. But not all. I don’t know if this is a fault of the Playstation servers or the Overwatch servers, but Overwatch is the only game where i experience lag right now. Something i’ve almost never encountered before and now 50% of my games are laggy.

The ping is really weird, sometimes it just grows like double and then goes down.
And it is not my internet, 100 mbps with ethernet, never happens in apex, fornite, warzone. Even Paladins…